Why SDC is the best website for swingers 

Over 3,000,000 swingers are members 

Find out why the SDC swinging community is full of so many people just like YOU

Learn how to have a healthy, sexy and fulfilling life.








IMPORTANT : Covid 19 is still active and spreading. Please take care, avoid face to face meetings, and enjoy the fun online… for now !



We could give you hundreds of reasons for joining the SDC swinging website as a full member, but these are the main three reasons that should interest you. If you need more information then there is a lot more to tell you, but think about these three to start with.


Get laid more often

Meet up with other couples (or singles) who enjoy a great sex life and are also happy to share ! Find the perfect people for you to meet – appearance, sexual interests, kinks, etc. Remember… sex is good for your health !

Have more fun

Swingers feel happy, confident and sexy. We have new friends in our neighbourhood and all over the world. We can´t wait for the next weekend, or the next holiday to see what will happen !

Personal development

Swingers all say that swinging helps them to grow personally. Your communication will become more open, your relationship will deepen, and you will become more skilled lovers !

The benefits also include having a much more active sex life, discovering new tips and techniques, & the ability to dip your toe in the water and see how you feel.

Go as far as you want and as fast as you want. Swingers are discreet so nobody outside the community needs to know how much you enjoy this lifestyle.

If your partner says they were flirted with at work, you just smile and enjoy the fact that people find them desirable – you are safe and secure in your relationship.

SDC at a Glance

SDC appeals to couples, single women and single men. The vast majority of members are couples.

Over 3 million members, majority in USA, Netherlands, and English speaking Europe.


A free 20 day trial allows you to play with 95% of the SDC website so you can decide if SDC is the swingers site that suits you.

When compared to many swingers websites, SDC has very few fake profiles, and the site managers take active steps to keep the membership genuine and well-behaved.

Our experience is that SDC has a more sophisticated & more international membership base, and people actually turn up when they say they will & also they look like their pictures ! Not something that happens on all dating websites.

You can contact other SDC members directly during your trial period.

Navigating round the site is not the easiest – there are lots of menu options and it takes a little getting used to.

There is a great SDC mobile APP that you can use on your swinger vacations, or just when you are out & about. It also shows you who is nearby !


SDC is more than just a swingers dating site. It also has lots of advice on how to swing, sexual health, travel, education, LGBTQ+, and much more.




We are a group of libertines that know the sophisticated swinging world.   So we are here to help, from the inside out !

Whether it is via a treat to tickle your g spots, visiting a sexy club, joining a swinging community, or going on a tantalising holiday – we are in a great position to be able to guide you in the ´lifestyle´. We can help you with everything from dipping your toe in the water to satisfying your fullest of fantasies !

We have created a website that is for swingers, and is written by swingers. You will read honest, accurate, useful advice on a whole range of sexy topics that are relevant to swingers. The first step is to join the community, and SDC com is the global leader in allowing people to meet other swingers and fulfil their fantasies (There are SDC swingers in USA, UK, all of Europe, and everywhere else !). 

the MeTimeYouTime team

Andy and Sarah xx,  Marc and Anna xx,  & Kris and Zoe xx

I am worried about…



Is SDC expensive ?

For couples, it´s 2 cups of coffee per month, for single guys it´s 3 cups. (See here)


Will i get found out ?

Don´t show your face on the SDC main albums – there are private password-protected albums that you can choose who you show them too.


what if i meet somebody i know ?

Everybody worries about this one – very rarely actually happens, but it becomes your little joint secret. Remember, they are on SDC Swing for the same reasons as you ! 


I´m a newbie, how does it all work ?

Our website gives you tons of information to get you started – and many members of SDC are happy to offer help and advice – we were all new once !


How do I start swinging ?

We have a blog post HERE that talks about baby steps, different types of meetings, and above all the importance of communication with your partner.


Will it ruin my relationship ?

Swinging tends to make strong relationships even stronger & people are even happier once they start swinging. But don´t look at swinging as a solution for reviving a poor relationship – fix the relationship & after that think about swinging ! 


What about STD´s ?

Swingers are very aware of the risks and take great care to use condoms and get regular sexual health checks. Studies showed that swingers have less STD´s then the general population !


Do I have to have sex, even if I don´t want to ?

Swinging rule number 1 – ” NO means NO “. Anybody can stop anything at anytime they are not comfortable – no reasons or explanations are  necessary. This is a voluntary hobby and you do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want.



SDC is for hooking up couples. It isn’t some generic site that’s playing on a swinger theme.

It’s made by swingers for swingers.


Established in 1999, they have been since then the number one provider of pleasure, fun, and excitement to couples and single people.
It gives you the chance to experience your deepest and wildest sexual desires.


There is also a high level of regulation and security, so you can enjoy your erotic experiences in a safe setting and on a secure website.




1 month Full Membership £17.95 ( $24.95 )
3 months Full Membership £12.32 /mth ( $16.65 ) *BESTVALUE*

“3 months ( plus your free extra 3 months) gives you enough time to really make the most of SDC and try out the swinging lifestyle. Time goes quickly and you will be learning a lot at the beginning – so the 3 month membership has a good price and is a good length of time”…. MTYT

Paid as one payment of £36.95 ( or $49.95 )

6 months Full Membership £9.49 /mth ( $13.33 )

Paid as one payment of £56.95  ( or  $79.95 )

12 months Full Membership £7.25 /mth ( $10.00 )

Paid as one payment of £86.95 (or $119.95 )

Lifetime Full Membership £199.95 ( $250 )

Pay £199.95 once ($250) & never pay a penny ever again ! 

2 cups of coffee a month... or... unlimited sex ???

Full membership of SDC costs from £7.25 per month – about the cost of two coffees from Starbucks. Which treat would give you more pleasure ?

(If the coffee is the bigger turn on… then you may be on the wrong website!)




If you sign up  for the 20 day trial period, look out for an email from SDC offering you a “double time” bonus.

This bonus means that if you pay for one month, you will get another month of full membership absolutely free. The same goes for 3 months – buy 3 months and get 3 more months free … all the way up to 12 months ! Just click on the link and the time is doubled as soon as  your payment is made.


Why is FULL membership important ?


Yes, we know that you can have a trial membership for 20 days, but our advice is to only use the trial membership to have a peek inside SDC and see if the sort of members that you want to meet are genuinely inside SDC.

With a trial membership you are at the party but you are only looking in through the window through the net curtains. If you like what you see through the window and you want to come in & see more, then you need to be a full member to join the party.

    SDC swinging members in USA, UK, & Europe think that full membership is worth it.


    Do you want to wonder if they are right, or are you going to try it for yourself ?

    Use the trial membership to confirm that you want to be part of the swingers world. Then join it properly !


    Be ACTIVE, not passive

    As a full member, you are in control and you can contact who you want and enjoy seeking out the members that interest you. The people that are active and seek out other members are always more successful than those that sit back and wait for something to happen. 

    Be seen by ALL members

    Full members can see all members and all photos, and they also get seen by all other full members. Many of the full members have chosen to not allow trial members to see their profiles. Discretion is important and trial members can only see the first image of everyone´s profile.


    Gain CREDIBILITY as a full member

    As a full member, you are treated as part of the community by the other full members. It shows you are serious about wanting to particpate in the lifestyle and that is regarded as a very important thing. SDC is also about trust, and full members often feel that trial members have not earned that trust yet.

    Be more SUCCESSFUL

    Just like in regular dating, the more brave you are the more successful you are – it helps if you make contact with others. But trial members cannot contact full members & must wait to be contacted. (You can reply if they contact you first, but unless you look like Mr & Mrs Clooney then good luck with that one !)


    1. Trial Membership

    Join SDC as a trial member and fill in your basic details – it takes less than 5 minutes. Have a quick look around SDC and look for full members that interest you.


    2. Read our free step-by-step guide

    We will email you our free SDC guide. It will help you to create an amazing & appealing profile so you can be successful in the SDC world and you can prepare for your first meet-up.


    3. Become a full member

     Check your email daily to get the “double time” bonus offer – it is only valid for a few days ! Set up your profile as fast as possible – everybody loves to look at the new full members


    4. Embrace the lifestyle

    Contact people, arrange meetings, book parties, check out who is waiting for you in your holiday destination. Have fun !!!

    When you join SDC as a trial member, we will send you a link to our FREE GUIDE to help you fill in your profile. This will help you get the most out of SDC so you can start your journey into the sexy world of swinging.

    The benefits of being an SDC member 

    Below is the full list of what you can (and cannot) access as a trial member and as a full member.



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