The Insiders Guide to the Venus Star Resort

The biggest swingers hotel in Europe. 

And the best one, when you know how to make the most of it !

1. What to do before you arrive

to prepare your body and your mind, and ensure that you the best stay

What to think about, do the admin, buy the necessary, and prepare your mind !


1. prepare your body

By this we don’t mean go on a diet, etc.  Swingers and naturists are happy and confident in their bodies. There is no ideal shape or size and we all have different preferences. However making the best of yourself, that you’re healthy for sex, and presenting yourself in the cleanest, neatest way is essential. So get your shaving or  waxing done in advance – make your appointments now !

The resort can bring a masseur in for you, but there is no nail bar or waxing salon. If you want to arrive ready to be free and enjoy, then do it in advance. The resort is not in the main shopping areas, so a taxi ride would take you to San Fernando ( about 5 minutes, 5 euros) to get to the small Bella Vista shopping centre where you will find Depil Zone on the top floor before the Hyper Dino supermarket. They are the best, but are usually well booked up, and you need to reserve in advance. Here’s the number 00 34 928 77 63 89 – and in Spanish ” I need an appointment for waxing ” is ” Necessito una cita por la cir”. They do speak a little english but get your google translate open in advance, just incase.


2. Taxi or Car rental
Venus have a taxi driver and they do a pretty good deal ( usually 35 euro one way). When you book through, you get email access to Venus so book it with them then.

TIP: However, it’s worth knowing that more people tend to rent a car seeing as you can’t go anywhere much without a taxi anyway. It’s a 20-30 min good walk to the beach and longer into playa del Ingles so getting anywhere is best done by taxi.

Save yourself time and money, give yourself some freedom and organise a taxi in advance. You will most likely find that you get it for the same price as an airport taxi anyway. There’s a free car park just beside Venus so having a car handy is a good idea.


3.Take a sneek peek at who will be there

Are you in the world’s biggest swinging community – SDC  ? If you are, have a look at the travel plan section. Make sure you put out your own travel plan as early as possible take a sneek peak at who else is in the area at the same time as you. Say hi, swap pictures, make a date, see who else is staying at Venus and get a head start. There’s nothing like having someone to say hello to the minute you walk in.

If you are not on SDC, why not ! The national-only communities like Fab swingers (UK), Body Contact(Sweden), etc don’t have this facility. SDC is for national and international dating. We often meet people from the UK on SDC, by checking the travel plans on holiday, then continue as friends when we get back. Did you know you can try SDC out for free – and you can still use the travel plan on the trial part. So take advantage and jump down to the SDC section and sign up.

 4. Plan your stay – even if only loosely

Planning for yourself, and also planning for the story you might want to tell the family and friends. They’ll see how excited you are at this trip so you better have some good stories 😉 So where did you stay? Where did you go? What did you see? If you have a car you might want to do some of these things anyway. Some people plan a dual location stay so that the stories are exact and easier to tell !


5. Shop early for what you need

You really don’t need a lot, but on holiday we do like choices ! Also, you can’t pack everything !  We’ve seen some guys heaving extra-heavy luggage on the arrival at Venus. Not a sexy look ! Thankfully, sexy clothes don’t take up much space, but there needs to be room for sexy shoes and toys. So plan a bit, get coordinated, and maximise your space.

2. What you need to pack

know what’s provided, what’s not, and when it’s better to bring your own

Which essentials to bring,  or buy there ?

There is a Supermarket at the top of the road ( about a 300m walk ), and you can take a 5 minute taxi to a bigger one in El Tablero shopping centre for stocking up on booze, food, or getting essentials you don’t want to bring with you. Jet 2 tends to have good deals on 2 for 1 spirits often and can be better than the deals on the island – so worth checking out if you’re flying with them. Also, what’s important to you, may not be important to someone else, so it’s good to know what is there waiting for you, and what you might prefer to bring from home.

1. Bathroom
We think you’ll want your own toiletries as the ones provided are basic or sometimes not even there at all ! Hand wash soap always seems to be provided, and you should get a shower gel / shampoo in the shower, but if you like a bar of soap, that’s not a thing, so bring your own as it’s not even easy to buy bars of soap on the island.

TIP: If there are no toiletries when you arrive, let the reception know immediately, or if you see any domestic staff in your area just show them what you need.

Also, don’t forget to bring your sex toy cleaner, massage oil perhaps, headache and hangover cures. Plasters and antiseptic, and insect bite cream are also good to have, just incase.

2. Kitchen
So much is already provided (filter coffee maker with paper filters, toaster, pots and pans, washing-up stuff, trays, bowls, crockery, glasses, bowls etc.)  It’s basic but perfectly good. You don’t really need to bring anything, but if you want a good coffee in your room when you arrive – bring it with you. What we missed most during our stay – a vegetable peeler ( we like our vegetables !) , and champagne glasses.  There should be a bottle of cava waiting for you in the fridge door. Bring a set of plastic ones or get them when you arrive – they’re really useful for the beach as well.

3. Clothes

You only need sexy gear in the resort. A girl always needs a selection of  SHOES! Gym shoes and something to stop your bits bobbing if you want to work out in the outside gym – it’s beside the playroom, jacuzzi and entry walkway – so very visible. Layers are good to have for travelling and incase it gets cooler in the evening. Sexy underwear for covering up your bits when sitting at the BBQ or Tapas event tables. They do have a shop for some typical island floaty tops and lots of German style pvc/leather items – but nothing much has tickled our fancy there, and if there is a good buy then we’ve seen several ladies wearing the same ! So have fun shopping in advance and find what you will feel sexy in.


4. Accessories
Maybe a little sewing kit and safety pins for when your clothes get accidentally ripped off you in a sexy frenzy. Only joking ! We have had them provided in some rooms, but it´s hit and miss, and these things are basic and never have what you really need… when you need it  ! Some tea lights for ambience ! Small bag with condoms, tablets, lube and lipstick !  Adornments and jewellery. Sex toys, cuffs, blindfolds, tickling sticks and more ! Remember, you’ll be horny and this is a safe place to have fun and explore your boundaries in a safe place. Sexy perfume & aftershave. Sunglasses and sun cream ( although they do sell both of these on site too. ) Hat or headscarf for the sun. Moisturiser / aftersun lotion. Massage oil 😉 A fan if you like for the hotter months.

5. Out and about

Shorts & tops if that’s your thing, or sundress / beach attire. Backpack or Beach bag  / shopping bag. Sometimes you get one provided in the room – but it’s ugly as ! It also has the words ‘Venus Swingers resort’ splashed all over it so you won’t want to take it out and about !

Walking shoes, beach shoes ( the sand can get very hot !)  Bikini / trunks / shawl / sarong / beach clothes for normal bars and restaurants.

3. How to get the most out of the events

Activities and events

BBQ days


1. Tuesdays and Saturdays are BBQ days
This is significant because the BBQ´s are the main social events in the Venus calendar each week. As a resident you will have up to 50 other couples staying in the resort, but on Tuesday & Saturday afternoons you will get an extra 20 to 30 couples coming in from outside. And because most of them are staying in regular hotels (a few do come from La Mirage swingers hotel, but not many) then they are keen and enthusiastic to have some fun. They can arrive from 12:00 and must leave by 20:45 – they are easily spotted because they will have red wristbands on because they are day guests (you will have blue wristbands on as residends, and also a coloured paper wristband to show you have paid for the BBQ)

2. BBQ Timings
For most of the year the BBQ starts at 14:00 and goes on till 17:00 but almost everybody sits down at 14:00 and very few couples eat later. Allow a couple of hours for chatting, eating & drinking. In high summer (July & August), the BBQ starts at 17:00 and ends at 20:00 because it is often quite hot during the day for a BBQ meal.

3. Prices / What´s included
The BBQ costs 39 euros per couple and you just need  to let the bar or reception know you are coming for the BBQ and they will give both of you a coloured wrist band so that the waiters know you have paid. The charge will simply be added to your bill. For external guests, the charge is 59 euros per cople – one of the perks of staying at Venus Star Resort !

For your 39 euros, firstly  you get a really good BBQ. Typically there are 5 or 6 salads, steaks, pork chops, chicken, sausages, spare ribs, roasted peppers, 3 or 4 types of potatoes, sauces, etc, etc. It is all cooked freshly on the BBQ and they do amn amazing job of serving 70 people from 2 smallish BBQ grills in a very quick time.  For dessert, there are generally a fruit option (melon, etc), a mousse option (choccy mouse, creme caramel, etc), and a cake / tart option.

Drinks – all your drinks are included between 14:00 and 17:00 and that is beers, sangria, wines (red / white/ rosé), cava, soft drinks, tea, and coffee.

* Handy hint – Sometimes the staff are really busy serving / clearing plates / etc so if you have run out of drinks, just stop them on their way past & they will bring more drinks out to you. Also, they are happy to give you two drinks at a time when it is busy – it saves them a journey back to the bar and it saves you waiting for your next drink.

Do remember that you can go up to the BBQ as many times as you want, and also get as many drinks as you want (even if you have left the table and returned to your sunbed – as long as you are in the all-inclusive 3 hour window)

4. Where to sit / meeting people
The BBQ is a great way to get to talk to a couple that you like the look of ! Most people are getting itchy at about 13:55 and there is then a mass movement towards the seating area (it is just infront of the sauna). There are two things people are thinking about at this time… firstly they do (or don´t) want a seat in the shade. There are a few big sun umbrellas and it can get pretty warm sitting the Canarian sun for 2 hours so most people prefer to sit in the shade. And, secondly, people are lurking to try to sit next to another couple that that are interested in – the BBQ is a great way to break the ice, have a chat, and get to know  each other. Don´t worry, you are not tied down to talking to one couple – the tables are long (about 18 people on a tressle table) so you can talk to people opposite you, next to you, or even behind you).

5. What to wear
Most people will just slip on a little something for the BBQ. The ladies will often have a sarong, or a sheer dress, and the men will have nice underwear, or simply a towel with them. It is very informal, but generally you need something to put on your chair such as a towel. A hat may be useful for sun protection.

Foam party


Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon is the time for the foam party. If you have been to the foam party at Cap d´Agde then you have been spoiled & it is not as good as that ! However, it is a nice way to spend an hour in the afternoon sun touching and feeling other Venus guests in a mass of bubbles and slippiness.

The foam party is free and starts around 14:00 and in front of the sauna in a small kids pool that secretly sits under the BBQ floor for most of the week. The foam machine generates a lot of foam very quickly & the concept is pretty simple – the guests are in the foam (which can get 2 metres deep), hands wander, and people just enjoy the feeling of mutual massage and general naughtiness. 

* it is good to wear sunglasses, the foam can irritate your eyes if it gets in them. 

Tapas day


Thursday afternoon is tapas day and it is a similar format to the BBQ day – except that there is no BBQ ! The chefs prepare a whole range of Spanish tapas dishes including many salads, tortillas, peppers, chorizo, potatoes, etc and they will also cook some dishes (like garlic prawns) to order. The food is really good and there is a wide varietry of dishes to choose from.

Just like the BBQ, it starts at 14:00, and includes free drinks, free food, and deserts. Just let the staff know if you want to come along and they will add the 39 uros to your bill and give you a wristband to show you paid.


4. How to avoid problems

how does it all work at Venus ?

Know the boundaries, the resort rules, and work well with the staff

The staff are very responsive but in Spain things aren’t always 100% consistent. They really are doing their best, so if it’s not right, they expect you to tell them, and give them the opportunity to please you. The staff are busy, so like you, you never know what else is going on in their day or life. So appeal to their better nature, give the benefit of the doubt – that makes for the best win-win situation.  That’s the way it works best to get a great holiday too. 


The management and owners are German. Why are we telling you this? Simply because they can do things in a different way maybe to the culture of your country. In Germany, sex is more straight-forward. In fact most things are more straight-forward – like rules etc. So there is no sublety, and it’s good to know what’s expected so there are no surprises, and you don’t have to bother with all that stuff on your holiday.

Resort Rules

They really make sense, but you don’t want to be bothered with them on the holiday so here they are in a nutshell. Just 3 !  Simple.

No phones at the pool area.

No sex or drinks in the pool or jacuzzi.

No overnight guests in the rooms.


No rules really – just the usual rules of swinging, having fun, and being free. Enjoy.

Pool area

Don’t reserve pool beds in advance – it’s not allowed and frowned upon by other guests. They don’t even like it if you reserve a bed, then go to breakfast. So when you’re ready, pick a bed – there are plenty.

TIP: If it’s a BBQ day make sure you have a bed you want before 12 noon.


This is a great place to flirt, make friends and have some ‘innocent for a swinger’ fun. Sex is not allowed in the jacuzzi, of course, but it’s important to know what they mean by that. Venus is a fun place and the staff hate to enforce rules ( made for the good health of everyone ) so take it easy, have a laugh and go with the flow.  If they throw you a questioning glance just raise your hands like a naughty child and show that you aren’t having sex. It’s very easy to see if anyone is trying it on when you look from the outside, but when people have had a few drinks they forget. So flirt away and get yourself all horny, then jump out of the jacuzzi & in to the playroom strategically placed right beside the jacuzzi – as is a handy shower. It’s a real turn on to have the playroom so close – you can see the more public areas from the jacuzzi.

Pool bar happy hour

Get happy and dress up at happy hour. It’s only starting to happen at Venus because people are still having so much fun naked ! But at the BBQ and at the Pool Bar happy hour, people can be naked or dressed in sexy gear. Unlike La Mirage, it’s an option and you can go either way . No-one will bat an eyelid, unless you want them to.


If you’re taking day guests up to your room, it has to be registered with the reception – it’s rarely done as day guests have to leave at 20:45 so it’s too easy to lose track of time and get them an overnight bill on top.

5. Where the naughty fun happens

how does it all work at Venus.


The playroom is pretty large for the size of the hotel. The range of equipment continues to grow month by month. Currently it has a long bed (10 metres long), a round bed (can acccomodate about 8 people), and there is an enclosed room (no door) with 2 double beds. The enclosed room has glory holes in the walls, there is also a swing seat, dentists chair, and a BDSM cross on the wall. There are a few BDSM accessories by the cross, such as blindfolds, straps, floggers, etc and there is a box of free condoms by the door.

* Handy hint – one couple told us that they were looking at some leather bondage equipment  in the Venus shop and they were told they could take it into the playroom and try it out to see if they liked it, with no obligation to buy. Obviously it´s going to depend on the specific item (not sure anybody wants to buy a slightly used butt plug from somebody else !), but just ask at reception if you can try an item. 

The playroom is sometimes empty for hours on end, and sometimes it is completely full. If you prefer a little privacy, you can wander in there and just enjoy your time as a couple – if somebody follows you in then a simple no thanks will work 99% of the time. Because there are no single men in the complex, respect and good manners are the norm and so you are very unlikley to encounter difficult situations. If ever you have a problem, just let reception know & let them deal with it – it´s what they are there for.

If you are looking for a little company in the playroom then the afternoons tend to be the busiest time and if you head towards the playroom and hang around at the entrance you may well be noticed by people and they may come in as well. If people are already in the playroom then do always ask before you join them but often people will just put their towels down next to a couple and see if the couple show any interest – it usually works & is nice and subtle with no awkwardness.

The playroom is kept very clean, as is the whole resort, so just clean up after you have had your fun – condoms in the bin, etc – you know the drill ! 

Pool area

Try to pick a sunbed near to center of the resort if you want to be able to connect with people. The beds in the BBQ / sauna area, and the back row of beds nearest the bungalows are much more private and are good if you just want to spend time together as a couple.

Look out for umbrellas – there are not enough and you will probably want one once it gets to lunchtime. The white wicker beds to have a wicker roof on them but don´t assume that they block the sun – it can still get through so you will still need suncream on.

Also, the 4 poster beds have 2 types of curtains – some go all the way across the front and each side, others are more decorative and the curtains are only 60cm wide. So, if you are wanting to be able to pull the curtains right across, make sure you check if your bed has full width curtains. 

Meeting people on the sunbeds / loungers / beds etc is as simple as just making contact – a simple hello is fine as an intro. English tends to be the common language used and even if a group are speaking Swedish together then they will often be able to chat in English as well. Conversation tends to be easier to initiate on the double sunloungers that are next to each other rather than the 4 poster beds or the wicker topped beds.


Jacuzzi flirting

The jacuzzi is the other main area where people find it easy to strike up a conversation. (If you want bubbles, there are three different places to fire up the motors – as you get in on the left, at the far end, and as you get in on the right. One push of the button gives you about 10 mins of bubbles. However, the one on the right as you get in, nearest the playroom, has a mind of its own and rarely works when pushed… however is sometimes does work when not pushed !). Do bear in mind that there is a “no sex” rule in the jacuzzi and that also extends to no hand jobs, blow jobs, etc – the staff will be watching and you will be warned. Also, no drinks in the jacuzzi or the pool – they need to be on the tables near the jacuzzi.

People find it very easy to chat in the jacuzzi & the bubbles are often used to cover up wandering hands, legs, feet, etc.


Pool bar happy hour

At 18:00 the pool bar has its happy hour where you can get a “2 for 1” deal on all cocktails and on all long drinks.  (What is included can sometimes change so just check when you order if your choice is a 2 for 1 or not.). Happy hour ends at 20:00

Happy hour only happens in the pool bar – the bar in the restaurant is still at normal prices.



Surprisingly the bungalows are not a hot spot of couples bed-hopping and general naughty behaviour simply because the action is so good in the main pool area and playrooms.  At night there is less action ( although still some) in the playrooms. Many couples will sit on their little patio area in the evenings and spend time just as a couple, or they may have a drink or dinner with their neighbours – which can lead on nicely. Making a date in advance is another way to hook up with people. Have a pre-dinner drink or invite them for supper at your patio table. Two chairs are included so people just bring the ones from their own room. If you’ve hooked up with someone before your trip (see part 4), this is a good way to get to know other guests around the resort. Otherwise, the most you tend to meet are your neighbours. 

Nobody is unwilling to be sociable and chat to other couples but it just doesn´t tend to happen much at night. If couples want some fun then they will tend to go into Playa del Ingles and go to one of the swingers bars or clubs.

Playa del Ingles Bars & Clubs

 The main 2 bars that people go to are the Comeback Bar and the Imagine Bar. Both are in Playa del Ingles in the incredibly beautiful & sophisticated Cita Shopping Center (that is beautiful and sophisticated in the style of a run-down 70´s German austere shopping mall). Despite the building, the bars are popular and busy from about 22:00 – both are up on the 1st floor and are only about 50 meteres from each other.

The Comeback Bar tends to have a more international crowd and is currently the busier of the two. The typical clients are SDC members and are mostly from UK, Scandinavia, Holland, Italy & France.

The Imagine Bar is predominately the hang out of the British & Irish. It is more closely allied to the Fabswingers website.

Down in the basment of the Cita Center are one bar/club called Particias Swing Inn, and two clubs called Secrets and Fun4all. See our pages on Gran Canaria bars and Gran Canaria clubs for more information on these.

6. What to wear

overcoat and gloves, or sexy lingerie ??

Now we understand that it might be a bit strange discussing what to wear at a swingers resort where you spend a lot of your time naked ! However, there are times where you are wearing a little something and it´s very important for the ladies to feel sexy, confident, and gorgeous. During the day at the resort, women tend to slip on something light and floaty (and often slightly see-through). We have selected some of the sexy outfits that we love on our page called Treats – click here and then select the clothes button to see what we like. Alternatively, head over to Lovehoney directly and pick out some sexy holiday outfits.

Here are a few ideas of clothes that would be ideal for staying at Venus Star Resort.

No holes are barred with this little black dress. In a bandeau-style that hugs all of your best bits, it then gets inexcusably naughty with its short hemline and cut-outs that unashamedly tease and titillate. Blatant sex appeal is back.


on Lovehoney

Dress to thrill in these provocatively striped boxer shorts. The alternating sheer and solid stripes give your partner a playful peek at your package, as the smooth black fabric cups your bum and bulge for erotic emphasis and effortless sex appeal.


on Lovehoney

This luxurious lacy robe from the sensual Flaunt Me lingerie collection is the perfect way to sex up your wardrobe. Sheer floral lace and soft black satin make this the Angelina Jolie of sexy cover-ups.


on Lovehoney

In the evenings, many people will head into Playa del Ingles to go to the swingers bars and swingers clubs. The dress code for that is typical sexy swingers wear – you can be as brave as you want… you are unlikely to shock the locals (but you may have to walk through shopping centres to get to the bars & clubs ! There are changing facilities at the clubs or you can wear an extra layer for modesty if it makes you feel better.)

See our pages on Gran Canaria swingers bars and Gran Canaria swingers clubs for more information.

7. How to meet the best couples for you

Use SDC to get a sneek preview of who will be there

Here at Me Time You Time, we make no secret of how much we all use SDC to enhance our swinging life and travel is probably the area where it excels the most. 

If you are a member of SDC, you can see who will be in Gran Canaria on your dates – and many couples have already had online chats with other couples before they even arrive at the resort. You can flirt and chat about your visit to Venus and it makes it so much more enjoyable if you can walk in and meet a old ´friend´. Nobody is tied to spending their entire stay with another couple (although some couples come as a foursome and stay as a foursome throughout their holiday). 

Alternatively, you can put up a travel plan where you say what dates you are going to be in Venus and other people will be able to see your dates and look at your profile & they can then get in touch with you.

We have written some information on SDC for you below and you can try it for free for 20 days to see if you like it (but, as you will read,  taking out a full membership for a month to try it out may well bet you better results).



free trial + free guide





“SDC gives you the chance to experience your deepest and wildest sexual desires.”

2 cups of coffee a month... or... unlimited sex ???

Full membership of SDC costs from £7.25 per month – about the cost of two coffees from Starbucks. Which treat would give you more pleasure ?

(If the coffee is the bigger turn on… then you may be on the wrong website!)

Trial membership leads to full membership

… but why is FULL membership so important ?


Be ACTIVE, not passive

As a full member, you are in control and you can contact who you want and enjoy seeking out the members that interest you. Trial members cannot initiate any contact.

Be seen by ALL members

Full members can see all the other members, and all  of their photos. (Many of the full members have chosen to block trial members from seeing their profiles. Also trial members can only ever see the 1st photo of a profile)


Gain CREDIBILITY as a full member

As a full member, you are treated as part of the community by the other full members. SDC is about trust, and full members often feel that trial members have not earned that trust yet.


Just like in regular dating, the more brave you are the more successful you are – it helps if you make contact with others. But trial members cannot contact full members & they must wait to be contacted. (You can reply if they contact you first, but unless you look like Mr & Mrs Clooney then good luck with that one !)



1 month Full Membership £17.95 ( $24.95 )
3 months Full Membership £12.32 /mth ( $16.65 ) *BESTVALUE*

“3 months ( plus your free extra 3 months) gives you enough time to really make the most of SDC and try out the swinging lifestyle. Time goes quickly and you will be learning a lot at the beginning – so the 3 month membership has a good price and is a good length of time”…. MTYT

Paid as one payment of £36.95 ( or $49.95 )

6 months Full Membership £9.49 /mth ( $13.33 )

Paid as one payment of £56.95  ( or  $79.95 )

12 months Full Membership £7.25 /mth ( $10.00 )

Paid as one payment of £86.95 (or $119.95 )

Lifetime Full Membership £199.95 ( $250 )

Pay £199.95 once ($250) & never pay a penny ever again ! 

2 cups of coffee a month... or... unlimited sex ???

Full membership of SDC costs from £7.25 per month – about the cost of two coffees from Starbucks. Which treat would give you more pleasure ?

(If the coffee is the bigger turn on… then you may be on the wrong website!)




If you sign up  for the 20 day trial period, look out for an email from SDC offering you a “double time” bonus.

This bonus means that if you pay for one month, you will get another month of full membership absolutely free. The same goes for 3 months – buy 3 months and get 3 more months free … all the way up to 12 months ! Just click on the link and the time is doubled as soon as  your payment is made.