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For relaxation, or for so much more !

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A massage can be used for relaxation & rejuvenation, or as foreplay to something more erotic. Both types of massage are great for your relationship and the physical contact between the two of you will nurture lovely feelings of intimacy. It´s important to remember that our entire bodies are made with nerve endings and pleasurable areas – far too often a sensual massage or love making can focus solely on the more obvious erogenous zone…it´s time to broaden the search area !


1. The massage area

The aim is to try to calm the mind and the body so the first thing to do is to remove any distractions. Clear the clutter away from where you are going to massage & turn off the TV & radio. Make sure there are no interruptions from kids, pets, etc – do all you can to create a small sanctuary, even if it´s just for 30 minutes.

Bed, sofa, or floor ? Most people will perform a massage with their partner on the bed or the sofa but these are not great places – they are too ´bouncy´ when you push down during the massage. It is much better to have something firm but comfortable to massage on (that´s why professional massage tables are firm but lightly padded). The floor is the best place to use & put a duvet underneath for a little padding… and add a pillow for comfort. Remember to get a large towel or sheet to cover the parts that are not being massaged – you need to keep your partner warm.

Temperature – at least one of you will not be wearing many clothes so make sure the room is snuggly warm  .

Music – find something soothing and very calm. Look up music for massage or yoga or meditation, and make sure the playlist / CD is long enough to last for the whole massage. Nothing spoils the mood like having to get up in the middle of the massage to find more music !

Lights – dim the lights, or even turn them off. Light some tea lights and you instantly create am intimate atmosphere.

Smells & scents – you can either light a scented candle or an incense stick to enhance the atmosphere.

Clothes & hair – yours, not your partner´s (they will be naked, or in shorts / underwear). Keep it simple, especially for a relaxing massage – wear simple tight-fitting clothing & tie your hair back. If the massage is more sensual, then wear something more suggestive but make sure it wont get in the way when you massage. And you can let your hair down and use that as part of the massage as you let it trail across his back.

2. Massage Oils

Massage oils such as Earthly Body´s “Naked in the Woods” or their Vanilla Edible Massage Oil are a good place to start.

The massage oils, even at room temperature, will feel freezing cold on his body if you just pour them on him from the bottle. You have a couple of choices – either leave the massage oil bottle to rest in a bowl of hot water so it warms up, or put the oil into your hand first so it warms up before you rub it into his body.

Do make sure that you have enough oil to complete the massage (generally you need about 50ml for a massage of a whole body) so that you don´t have to leave during the massage to top-up.

3. The Massage

The main thing to remember is that you are not a professional masseuse and he is not expecting that… so don´t worry about whether you will be any good ! He will already be thrilled that you want to give him a massage & that the room sounds, looks, and smells great. So, enjoy yourself and he will as well.

Start with him faced down & work on his back. Spread the oil on his back (start with a little oil – you can always add more as you see if it´s enough. You aren´t trying to fry a chip, so less oil is better than too much)  and stroke it around until the whole area is fully oiled. You can then start to apply more pressure using the palms of your hands and also your thumbs for the more knotted areas.

Try to keep in contact with his body all the time – as you move from his left side to his right side, trail your fingers along his body so you are touching him the whole time. The same thing when you get the oil – leave one hand on his body while you pour more oil.

Listen carefully to his body & to what he says and you will know if he is enjoying it. Feel free to ask if it´s hard enough or too hard, and adjust your strokes accordingly.

4. Sensual Massage

We wanted to show you this video of an American couple that sums up how enjoyable an erotic massage can be, even without featuring any nakedness !

So, why not book your man in for a massage session… by his favourite masseuse…YOU. Make it even more special by telling him a day or two in advance so he has it to look forward to.

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