Enjoy better & faster orgasms in 2020

more discreet, luxurious, easier, faster


gentle sucking, blowing, sonic wave vibrating of the clitoris


tear jerking, leg shaking, kiegal clenching


gives you fast, multiple orgasms in minutes


with the option to hand over the control to autopilot, or maintain your own lengthy pleasuring at a lower intensity level

german flag icon

made by Germans

( who know a lot about quality engineering, and sex )

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The womanizer vibrator feels more like oral sex, but with you in control to make your own happy ending !

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 Why this is the most popular womanizer today

It brings us sexual happiness in the three, most delicious, sophisticated ways, that we just adore !


most luxurious

Expensive, but worth it.

The new size, shape, colours, and bag all speak smart and luxury. Even the packaging is classy.

The ultimate in luxury features: all 12 intensity levels, magnetic charging, smart silent feature, perfect slim, long shape.

Velvety soft seamless premium silicone adds to the luxurious experience. Nice to touch, easy to grip.

The new autopilot feature is the ultimate luxury feature – you don’t event have to control it, just lie back and enjoy the ride.

With all this, it’s the most likely model to suit most women.

You get what you pay for with this one –pretty much everything you could wish for !


easiest & fastest

Easy to clean since it’s fully waterproof.

Easy to stop and start – just lift it off and it is silent, put it on your skin and it starts again.

Easy to use with, or even on your partner too. The silicone material makes it easier to hold on to.

Magnetic charging port is so useful, no more searching for the pin in the dark ( or without glasses on !)

Easiest womanizer to orgasm with because it has all 12 intensity levels so you can find your sweet spot. Plus the new autopilot button to create a new experience every time.

Their internal research found that more than half experienced an orgasm in less than one minute and 80 percent between two to three minutes.


most discreet

A sleek shape that fits in your hand-bag, protected by its luxury leather look soft black bag.

Discreet colours of white, black, soft rich red – with a little gold or chrome accent.

Take it into the shower, the jacuzzi, or use it discretely under the bath bubbles ( it’s 100% waterproof ).

Put it on your clitoris and its almost silent, take it off and it’s completely silent.

No need to worry about turning it off quickly if you get interrupted, with this discrete feature. It won’t go off in your luxury bag either.

Discreet charging lights rather than the big pulsating beam on the Womanizer W500.

The inventors listened, and delivered new

clever features

White Womanizer Premium vibrator
White Womanizer Premium vibrator side view
An update of the original model.  Similar design and features as the Pro-40, PLUS more luxury, smart features, and extra ,oh so useful, technology.

magnetic usb

So much easier, and secure to snap this magnetic charger on.

Doubly useful is the USB at the other end for putting into a plug, your car or computer port !


Lie back and relax. Hit the wave button and let your auto pilot take over.  It will randomly select various stimulation patterns and intensities, creating a unique experience every time. So it’s not the predictable pattern generator that we find with other toys. Clever !


You can turn this feature on or off but we think you will want it always on.

It doesn’t start sending the whirring air waves until it attaches to your skin. 

clever button

Another reason to subtly vote this the best womanizer is that the + button is more raised than the – level  so you know which one to press by just feeling it.

charging lights

The new charging lights let you know how much charge is left. low battery, medium, or fully charged. Very handy.

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womanizer premium full specification

the nitty-gritty details


Body Material: smooooooth n sexy ABS Silicone

Head material: hypoallergenic medical silicone
Colours: White, matt black, soft red
Accent design: simple silver / gold line near the tip
Dimensions: 155mm x 50mm x 35 mm

Instructions leaflet: included, but we prefer to suck it ‘n see


Power button: easy to reach near the tip you hold

Autopilot button: button with wave sign near tip
Unique feature: smart silent
Unique feature: Pleasure Air™ Technology
Silicone heads: 1 normal, 1 large size

100% waterproof  (IPX7)

Power adapters:  not included
Storage: high quality bag
Charging cable: Magnetic Pin USB

charge up time (mins)

intensity levels

length (inches)

play time (mins)

waterproof (%)

weight (g)

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TIPS on how to use the Womanizer Premium


Pleasure Air™ Technology works by gently and indirectly, stimulating the clitoris with 12 different intensity levels ranging from supersoft to powerful.

The pleasant suction and gentle massaging air waves lead to a completely new kind of orgasmic experience. Some others call it sonic sound waves too, but the Womanizer guys are the leaders.

It feels like a novel sucking and soft vibrating feeling. Learn how to make the most of it, then relax and enjoy the waves of pleasure.

Doesn't over-stimulate

I have to say I do love my hitachi wand too but playing with it is short, sweet, and rather numbing ! Because the vibrating action of the womanizer isn’t something that actually has to press hard onto the clit, it means you don’t get that over-stimulated numbing feeling, where your nerve endings deaden !  So you can go on for longer, and climax again and again and again.


To deactivate the Smart Silence™ function, hold down the two buttons (C+) and (C–) at the same time for approx. two seconds. You can tell that the function has been deactivated when your Womanizer is constantly active – not just when it touches your skin.

stimualte your nipples

If you like to have your nipples tweaked during sex, this is a real plus. Sometimes during oral sex, it’s a stretch for my man to reach up, and honestly it changes the dynamics. So I let him concentrate on me down there and my womanizer helps move things along nicely toward a climax by stimulating my nipples at the same time.

Lube makes it even better

Lube does help it latch on and create a soft seal around your clitaris. You get that slurping start as if someone has just sidled up for oral sex, then it settles down. Enjoy !

different every time

Yes, it’s true. I can’t believe that I’m still exploring the Womanizer. When I feel like using it I’m intrigued at how it can be different. I love playing and experimenting. I had taken the head off to clean once, and forgot to put it back on. I reached for it in the night and found it wouldn’t attach as well as before so I still played around and had a really different experience but still climaxed many many times. So it never seems to fail.

sucks cocks too

Yes, it’s a thing to use it on the end of your partner’s penis ! I’ve tried it and my man is a little too sensitive so finds it fun rather than wanting to orgasm by it. But it feels good to be able to share. The long handle also means you can get a good purchase on it when being penetrated . That’s the ultimate for me – my man and a womanizer at the same time. The new sleek shape means you can use it in any position, and no longer have to stick to spooning or doggie style.

Squirting too, maybe !

Yes, I was surprised to find this on researching the premium Womanizer. Quite a number of ladies have found it makes them squirt too ! So, in the interest of research, I’m going to keep at it to see what happens.

It’s not just us that rate it so highly

what lovehoney users like ?

The best toy ever bought, simply stunning.

So this version is much bigger that the old one. My wife found it easier to hold and much appreciated the placement of the buttons. Much better than the old version. The build quality is second to none and it looks a million dollars

Plainly and bluntly put, yes. It’s an amazing toy that so far has failed not to hit top marks. The silent feature is superb, the autopilot a useful addition. The button placement and size in hand, spot on. The power and performance world class. We cannot see a time when this isn’t part of our love life and hopefully will provide as many years of bliss just like its grandfather Pro40.

21 Feb 2019


First time out of the box, she gave it a bit of shifty eyes. As a girl who is not great at using a TV remote, having new buttons in different places in the dark was always going to be interesting. Either way, first night with a bit of a full body massage and some foreplay, we got five orgasms in a row. Our relationship record for one session. A couple days later, seven in a row.

So I’m here now as a husband and an ambassador. Husband to husbands, if you like me, enjoy watching your partner orgasm and roll her eyes into the back of her head, do yourself a favour. This is the one you’ve been looking for.

25 July 2019


I’m already a fan of Womanizer, and wrote rave reviews of the Starlet and Liberty models.

Well, the good news is, the Premium keeps up appearances, and is just as mindblowing (if not more so) than the aforementioned models.

The Premium also benefits from patterns, as well as intensity levels which creates a nice variety of play options, particularly if you enjoy anticipation as you play.

….For someone who previously thought they weren’t a fan of clitoral-only stimulation, Womanizer’s have completely transformed my playtimes!

7 June 2019


Delivered discreetly in plain packaging. Straight on charge.

Now the wife is 70-plus – orgasms are few and far between. When fully charged couldn’t wait to try it. Truth.

In under two minutes she had gone to another world. We have other toys, but this one is unbelievable every time. A winner. Well done, Lovehoney. Made a pensioner young again.

The best toy in the box, pride of place top of the box.

05 October 2019

The Womanizer had over 70 ratings on Lovehoney when we last looked !

(and most of them were 5 stars )

Sexpert opinions

What the expert reviewers say

from sex product reviews, bloggers, therapists, and sexy lifestyle writers

The suction sensation feels unassuming at first, but catches up with you real quick and pushes you over the edge into powerful, throbbing orgasms that feel remarkably different (and better) than vibration-induced orgasms. If you hold the Womanizer in place, this little workhorse will make you come over and over again with ease. It’s pretty awesome.


I think this toy will appeal to a wide variety of women, simply because the sensation is so incredible and unique. If you’re a fan of your partner making a sucking movement during oral sex, the Womanizer will drive you crazy. If you don’t normally like vibrators, the suction sensation may win you over. If direct clitoral stimulation is usually too intense for you, you’ll appreciate the fact that there is none with the Womanizer, and you’ll likely enjoy the extremely delicate lowest setting.

This is also a fantastic product for women who have yet to have their first orgasm. As I mentioned above, if you haven’t responded well to vibrators in the past, the suction sensation might be just what you’re looking for. 


I’m not exaggerating when I say that this sensation is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. It was an intense, allover body shake that lasted for several minutes.


I did put it directly on my clitoris to feel the full effect of the suction and the vibration. But, this could be a great tool for those of you who find your clitoris cannot take a lot of stimulation and for those of you who find vibration numbs you out. (They have a special air technology they call “Pleasure Air Technology.”)

(So, if you are a woman who prefers a feather touch or no touch, this tool can also work for you. It can be used “near” your clitoris… does not have to be attached to it if you do not want or you do not like that kind of sensation.)


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 who normally buys

the right to orgasm

Or should we say the ‘rite’ to orgasm !

Womanizer believe that every woman has the right to experience the unique stimulation and orgasm through it’s oral sex vibrators.

From all the research, this touch-free toy would suit most ladies, because it serves the most basic need for women, but also it can be part vibration, part suction, and part pressure. We ladies that like to work it, or make it work for us, learn how to get the best out of it. 

But let’s summarise all the reasons to buy that we’ve found for you,  and also who might question the purchase !



You like oral sex anyway so this allows you to have more, more, more.


Vibrator or dildo alone doesn’t do it all for you, or at all. So this is your only option.


You’ve never had an orgasm, so this might be your chance.


You have orgasmed but it’s not easy with other toys.


Other toys make your clit numb, so this will be a real relief.


Anti-depressant pills are affecting your orgasms the usual way


The menopause is affecting your orgasms the usual way


You’re keen to develop your orgasms, maybe see if it makes you squirt !


You have money, and only want the best.


You want to get your lady something really special ( and see the benefits of course too )



If you can’t afford it and are a young beginner, try the starlet or liberty models first then move up to the pro versions like the premium.

If your clit gets very sore with oral sex, then maybe this isn’t for you. (I’d say you can use it more generally around the area instead, and it’s then more of a really pleasurable build-up – then combine it with a dildo or vibrator.)

metimeyoutime : Just a thought ! If you are in a monogamous relationship, it may be the way your partner licks you that hurts – maybe too strong on a pinpoint – and the womanizer may do it better for you !

Being swingers, we get to compare and I have one partner that, whilst amazing in every other way, I just can’t take him going down on me for a second because of the way he pinpoints his tongue on my clitoris. But my womanizer has never done that to me !

If you have high expectations, be careful.

metimeyoutime : I’m not easy to please and it took me a while to work it out with my first Womanizer (the W500). Now,  as I’m getting especially horny writing this article, I’ve been reaching for it again and again and I’m developing even more ! So I’d say, either give it time, practice makes perfect, or feel safe with Lovehoney’s sex toy happiness policy so you can exchange it for something more suitable.

the experts also say

What it ‘s important to know about orgasms


“My relationship with my clitoris has always been fraught and I kind of hoped this might help me connect with it, understand it, and frankly, finally make me see what all the fuss was about and – I’ll just say it- feel like everyone else.”

metimeyoutime : She gives a very real view of how it is for people that can’t climax easily, or at all. That’s the reality, but I think if anything can go further than the usual vibrator, the womanizer sex toys can. It’s worth noting too that her review is of the original womanizer in 2015 and not the premium one.



“If, like me, you’re a big fan of penetrative sex acts, you may want to consider using the Womanizer in combination with your favorite dildo, or other internal toy. For fans of varied stimulation, the Womanizer just won’t cut it when used by itself, as it only offers a very specific and localized sensation.”

metimeyoutime : This is good to know, because I had this very same problem when I got my first womanizer. I also needed the penetration to enable me to release my orgasm, so I got one of these great jelly-like dildo with balls ! ( I love the clear colour, classy !) Works a treat to fill me up. However, now that I have played more with my womanizer, I don’t need the dildo at all  – practice makes perfect eh !!!



“the first orgasm takes the longest and usually takes me anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on how much I tease myself”

“These toys definitely require a bit of working up, as in if you go right for putting it on top of your clitoris it might end up more on the discomfort side than the pleasure side. I slowly bring it closer and closer to myself and let the sonic waves tickle me to make for a rush of blood to the area. No other kind of toy can get my clitoris as engorged and ready for action as this kind, it even makes adding some finger play into the fray all the more worthwhile. After that, it’s just a matter of gently moving it around or even just keeping it in place on top of my clit for a time that can’t be beat.”

metimeyoutime : I wanted you to see this review because not everyone either can or wants to just sit the womanizer on their clit and climax straight away ! It’s meant to be a pleasure, not a command . If you need power ( like me !) but then jump away when it arrives I think that means I need to relax into it more. It’s definitely a learning. At the lowest level, it can even be a comfort toy for me, and helps soothe me off to sleep ( with the sweetest dreams ahhhhhhh) . 

It’s also worth pointing out that there more than one way to use this toy, so you need to always make sure they work with you as well as for you.  Orgasms are easy to achieve once you know your style and practice,

practice, practice.



“If you’re sure that the changes you’re feeling are caused by your anti-anxiety or depression meds, there’s a perfectly logical medical reason for it. “With higher levels of serotonin—which is what the SSRIs and SNRIs both do, keep serotonin around in the brain and nervous system longer, boosting emotional regulation—sexual drive is decreased,” says Gregg. “These medications also have an impact on dopamine and oxytocin as well, two neurotransmitters vital in emotional experiences such as falling in love, maternal bonding, and sexual pleasure or desire.”

metimeyoutime : It’s good to know how our body works, and that all sorts of stress can stop us from being able to enjoy an orgasm. She goes on to say how sex toys help to bring the body back in the zone again.



what the studies show


” A study on a specific sex toy called the Womanizer found that 100 percent of peri-menopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal women with orgasmic disorder (aka not being able to orgasm, according to the National Institutes of Health) who tried the toy were able to experience an orgasm. Yep, 100 percent. *All the praise hands emojis.*

The study recruited 22 women with an average age of 56 to use the Womanizer at least twice weekly for four weeks and fill out a series of questionnaires. All of the women reported experiencing an orgasm with the toy, 86 percent climaxed within 5 to 10 minutes, and three-quarters reported a better, easier, and more intense orgasm. Talk about a crowd-pleaser.”


Womanizer FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Top questions that get asked about the Womanizer touchless stimulator

Is it ok to share ?

Absolutely ! I borrowed one to do this review. Only problem is now I want one because it’s so much better than my W500. So feel free to share the pleasure and if you give your womanizer to someone else to play with, the little head comes off so easily so you can clean it. 

In fact, you get a spare larger head anyway so you start with two. And, you can buy spare heads anyway incase you can’t clean straight away, or maybe you want to get a party pack !


Does it actually touch your clitoris ?

The touchless stimulation never actually touches your actual clitoris. Because of that, they say your body will never get used to the feeling, and you can come as often as you want. It can make you orgasm in seconds, in minutes or even hours… it´s up to you, and the combination of this unique technology and unique you, means that can change every time !


does it come in discrete packaging ?

Yes. Its very discreet. You can see the Lovehoney policy here . Basically, it comes in a boring plain brown box. The return address on the back is the Loveyhoney address in Bath, but it does not state any name or company name. The name on your credit or debit card statement says LH trading, Bath.


can i send it back if i'm not satisfied

Lovehoney really want you to be satisfied so they have TWO guarantees for their account holders ( it’s so easy to create an account once you’re on the site.)

1. Happiness Guaranteed – free returns and 1 year product guarantee.

2. Sex Toy Happiness Promise – if you’re not completely happy with a sex toy you have bought from Lovehoney, you can return it within 30 days and they willl replace it with one they think will work better for you.


why does it have that awful name !

Probably because a “womaniser” doesn’t have those connotations in Germany.  It’s worth noting that the original design was also very ‘German’ apparently with  gaudy colours, animal prints and jewels on it – it’s come a long way since then.

It’s now so famous that even if they German inventors wanted to change the name, it wouldn’t make good business sense would it. And anyway, it’s nice to reinvent the definition of that word isn’t it  !


Is it easy to clean ?

Yes all of them are 100% waterproof so that makes cleaning with confidence a real doddle. The magnetic charging port is also nicer than the old flap covering the charging pin that you had to close first before cleaning. Womanizer recommended that you use some warm water and a toy cleaner or antibacterial soap.

The head is so easy to take off and re-attach so I just wash and rinse with warm water and a little body sensitive soap. I’ve read one reviewer even sterilizes them in her baby bottle sterilising fluid every now and again.


What is the XL head used for ?

The idea of having a standard and XL head is to be able to fit ove most clits. Some are tiny and some large. Some are hooded, and some just hidden. But we’ve all found that there is another reason to have 2 sizes of heads. 

The smaller head will be more intense and you can feel more of a pinpont sucking leading to a fast, intense involuntary orgasm – you have to be relaxed for this. By using the larger head, you can get a less intense, warm slurping feeling ( especially with lube) leading to a longer orgasm ( I prefer this !) . More squirm, and less jumping off and on the thing !

which is the best womanizer toy to buy


It’s good to know what all the womanizer vibrators have in common, then you can check out the differences more easily


All of them are rechargeable – so no need for batteries. The type of charger and charging port may just differ. And, charging times and run times vary depending on the model.


All of them are 100% waterproof. Womanizer say ‘almost all are waterproof’ but I guess they are thinking of old versions that might still be out there being used in the world somewhere.


They all have several levels of intensity, but some more than others and the jump between intensity varies.


The style changes between short soap bar shape ( great for travel and starting out ) and longer handle shape ( better !).


The covers or protective bag varies – from lipstick cover on the gimmicky 2Go model ( don’t go there !) to the lovely hard shell Liberty cover (yes!) and the soft luxury bag on higher models (nice, but easily replaceable !)  


First, let’s clear this up. What’s the difference between them  and which came first ? Here’s the order.


The original was the W100 ( a bit practical in shape and gaudy in design, lots of rhinestones).



After this came iconic W500, the gorgeous egg shape one with a single Swarowski crystal. Along the way, it’s not completely clear when Womanizer made their models all 100% waterproof as you will see reviews of some W500s say theirs is not, whilst the current W500 model is. 



The easier to hold long handle is introduced, with all th emain features for a better price.



The latest, newest Womanizer model, combining the best style, feel, features, extra luxury and new whizz bag extras.


Entry level Womanizer Starlet


Handbag toy

USB charging port. One button on the bottom

Hard cap / lid.

6 intensity levels

60 mins charge up, playtime up to 120 mins

More the size of a perfume bottle than a lipstick.

Entry level Womanizer Starlet


Entry level model

Magnetic USB. Buttons on the outside

8 intensity levels

240 mins playtime.

Size: 85 mm x 50 mm x 60 mm.

Weight: 70 g

A little, practical one. Easy to use with partners.

Womanizer Liberty ( with hard cover)


 Great for travelling

Magnetic USB. Buttons on the inside.

Stylish hard cover

6 intensity levels

60 mins charge up, 120 mins playtime.

Size: 104 mm x 55 mm x 48 mm.

Weight: 90 g

Same spec. as the limited edition pearl colour model

Womanizer Classic


Better long handle

Magnetic USB. Buttons on the outside.

High quality bag.

8 intensity levels

240 mins playtime.

Size: 148 mm x 48 mm x 35 mm.

Weight: 110 g

A +size is sometimes available with an extra long handle, but it has the pin USB.

Womanizer Pro-40 ( exclusive Lovehoney model)


Shaped like the Premium

Pin charging cable. Buttons on the inside.

10 intensity levels

90 min charge up, 240 mins playtime.

size: 165mm long, 19mm diameter.

So easy to hold and operate. Says 6 levels on LH site but user reviews confirm it’s 10 !

Womanizer premium, in black and gold colour

premium pro w500

Swarowski crystal power button

Pin charging cable. Buttons on the outside.

Gift bag

12 intensity levels

90 min charge up, 240 mins playtime.

size: 120 mm x 60 mm

Weight: 140 g

Big flashing lights when on or charging. Shaped like a soap bar, chunky and hard to handle.

Womanizer premium, in black and gold colour


Updated luxury version of the original W100 womanizer

Magnetic USB. Buttons on the outside.

Luxury bag.

12 intensity levels

90 min charge-up, 240 mins playtime.

Size: 155 mm x 50 mm x 35 mm.

Weight: 135 g

NEW: smart silence, autopilot, subtle lights.

womanizer duo, in red colour


Both clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Magnetic USB.

Luxury bag.
Separate controls for 12 intensity levels, 10 vibration modes

120 min charge-up, 120 mins playtime.

Size: 192 mm x 120 mm.

Weight: 240 g

Updated version of the Insideout model.  

let’s summarise

our top 3 recommendations

If you want to pay a lot less, and you’re happier with a little more subtle, go for the X PRO-40 Lovehoney model.

The Premium is the best of the clitoris-only stimualtion models. The Premium is most people’s favourite model.

If you need more, much more complete double stimulation and vibration, then go for the DUO.

When you find the best womanizer for you, buy it, then use it, love it, and start to transform yourself into an orgasmic genius !


X pro40


Womanizer Pro 40 vibrator

Lovehoney have had this model developed to bring the best features to you at the best price. We think it’s the best choice if you don’t want to pay the extra for the Premium.

Why – because they have combined the main functions with the shape and size of the Premium model which we much prefer over the egg-like shape of the W500 pro model. It also doesn’t have the annoying green or red pulsating light. This shape makes it easier to hold especially during penetrative sex in the missionary position. This longer thinner shape is better in our opinion !
We wish they had been able to get the magnetic USB but I suppose you can’t get everything for that price !
Finally, this model has the buttons on the inside. So if you prefer to work the levels with your thumb, this one is for you.




Womanizer Premium vibrator

If you don’t mind the price, then this is the most perfect clitoral stimulation model to go for. It has everything you could wish for with all the features and new functions.

The magnetic pin, the discrete lights, the extra levels, autopilot function, the extra long battery run time, and the silent to almost silent operation makes it our winner.

On top, the new ergonomic design looks and feels sumptuously luxurious.

This toy at the forefront of sonic and air pressure clitoral stimulation. It’s the leader of the pack – the latest and the best – from the original inventor.

So if it’s a present you’re getting for someone – this says it all !




Womanizer Duo vibrator
This toy goes further than the rest. It covers all angles and stimulations !

So this one is definitely for you if you know you have to have penetrative pleasure at the same time as clitoral stimulation. ( Another option is to use the Premium with a dildo or vibrator you already have.)

For just a little more money you get both stimulations,and you still get the fabulous smart silence feature.

Whether you use it in one mode or the other,  or both together, you have everything ladies (but the shape means it’s not really suitable for using during sex with a partner.)

So if you are more likely to be on your own, and want to be taken off to another galaxy, this is the best choice for you.

the right to orgasm

we all deserve a womanizer