Swingers Clubs 

A list of clubs for swingers in the UK and Europe

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Covid-19 / Corona Virus -  Important Information

This current global pandemic is affecting all of us, and the swinging community must also behave responsibly and do all we can to stop this virus as soon as possible. This includes NO physical meetings with other swingers (obviously !).

You can still use this website to plan what you are going to do, where you are going to do it, and who you are going to do it with... WHEN the restrictions are lifted. And you can still use SDC and Fab for video chats, you can improve and update your profile & pictures, and you can also use this time to start conversations with other members so you can meet them in the future.

This is the time to stay at home and enjoy your partner, strengthen your bond with them even more, and enjoy your toys ! Once we are on the other side of this, there will be a lot of horny people ready to party & release some of that tension !

Stay healthy everybody, stay safe, and let´s all give a big thank you to all those brave people that are doing their best to protect us all.

Big virtual kisses,

Andy & Sarah XX, Marc & Anna XX, Kris & Zoe XX

UK Swingers Clubs

Le boudoir – a club based in the East end of London near the City. Generally regarded as one of the best clubs in the UK – membership is essential and must be made at least 48 hours in advance (costs about 20 pounds). Entry cost on Saturday night is xx pounds. Party nights are Fri / Sat / Sun ??? and couples only night is Saturday. Approx 70 couples on Saturday nights, average age range is about 30-40. Hours : 10pm – 3am. Parking – street parking is available nearby. Nearest tube – Aldgate East. Hotels nearby : Ibis (Shoreditch) 

Nationality – being London based, it is very international. No alcohol licence so bring your own –  soft drinks, ice, glasses, fridges, etc  are provided.

Ground floor – mostly taken up with a large lounge area with sofas, a bar (self serve), and an outdoor smoking area

Downstairs – BDSM rooms, a few play rooms, glory holes, etc

Upstairs – large room in 2 sections with huge beds in each section (imagine 8 beds put together and you are somewhere close).

Club website : https://www.leboudoir.club/

Liberty Elite – as featured in the Channel 4 documentary called “Swingers” shown in August 2020. Club website is http://libertyelite.co.uk/  but it wasn´t working when we last looked at it.

Vanilla Alternative

Torture Garden



meet couples in the UK SWINGERS clubs


See which couples will be in your favourite UK clubs at the same time as you


Let people know when you are coming, and which clubs you love


Start chatting to people before you even arrive


Make your club nights go with a bang !

“It´s so much easier to walk into a swingers club knowing that you have already arranged to meet somebody inside”
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How can you do this ?

The best swingers community is called SDC and it will help you make your swingers club nights in the UK amazing!

Use our 20 day free trial + our insiders guide and we´ll show you how.

Liberty Elite, Le Boudoir, Vanilla Alternative, Chameleons, and all the other swingers clubs in the UK are full of sexy couples having a great time and we will help you to join their party !

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Netherlands Swingers Clubs


Fata Morgana

Same Place bar

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France Swingers Clubs

Les Chandelles, Paris

L’Overside, Paris

Le Mask, Paris

Glamour, Cap d’Agde

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Gran Canaria Swingers Clubs

Fun4all ( and related Comeback Bar ), Cita centre

Secrets, Cita centre

Moonlight, Nilo centre

Patricias Bar & rooms, Cita Centre

Imagine Bar & rooms, Cita centre

2 x 2 club, Sandia centre

Bude4 Bar & rooms, Sandia centre


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Germany Swingers Clubs

Insomnia, Berlin

Kit Kat Nightclub

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Belgium Swingers Clubs

Acanthus, Hulste

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USA swingers clubs

What happens in a swingers club in the USA depends on its classification in law. There are 2 very different types of swingers clubs – off premise clubs and on premise clubs. An off premise swingers club is a place for people to meet and chat & flirt a little but it is certainly not a sex club for couples – you have to go to a hotel room or home for that ! An on premise club allows everything to happen in the club – this is more like the international swingers clubs.

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The swinging blog

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SDC vs Fabswingers vs SpicyMatch

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Swinging as a couple

Swinging as a couple

If you are new to swinging, please see our post on How To Start Swinging. There is no doubt that swinging couples are very common – a 2005 survey in the UK found that 25% of the population were either swinging in the UK or wanted to swing.

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Swinging as a single man

Swinging as a single man

There is no doubt that there is a role for single men to play in this world and some couples actively seek out the participation of the single guy in their playtime

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What is swinging ? Why do people swing ?

What is swinging ? Why do people swing ?

Swinging is generally thought of as enjoying a sexual relationship with other people as well as with your long term partner. This is always done with the full consent and knowledge of your partner.

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Swingers Parties

Swingers Parties

As a swinger, there are many types of swingers parties that you can attend and these range from private meetings with one other couple up to a themed ball in a castle with hundreds of people !

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Swinging jokes

Swinging jokes

Swinging comedy 100 ways to know if you’re a swinger ! Covid-19 / Corona Virus -  Important Information This current global pandemic is affecting all of us, and the swinging community must also behave responsibly and do all we can to stop this virus as soon as...

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Travel using SDC

Travel using SDC

A guide to using the SDC swinging website when you are travelling. Use SDC.com to post your travel plans and also to see who else will be there at the same time.

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