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Using the SDC.com website to make sexy travel plans

Covid-19 / Corona Virus -  Important Information

This current global pandemic is affecting all of us, and the swinging community must also behave responsibly and do all we can to stop this virus as soon as possible. This includes NO physical meetings with other swingers (obviously !).

You can still use this website to plan what you are going to do, where you are going to do it, and who you are going to do it with... WHEN the restrictions are lifted. And you can still use SDC and Fab for video chats, you can improve and update your profile & pictures, and you can also use this time to start conversations with other members so you can meet them in the future.

This is the time to stay at home and enjoy your partner, strengthen your bond with them even more, and enjoy your toys ! Once we are on the other side of this, there will be a lot of horny people ready to party & release some of that tension !

Stay healthy everybody, stay safe, and let´s all give a big thank you to all those brave people that are doing their best to protect us all.

Big virtual kisses,

Andy & Sarah XX, Marc & Anna XX, Kris & Zoe XX

SDC Travel

We have a blog section on travel that goes into great detail on the various swinger locations of the world. And we have included direct links into Booking.com to make it easy for you to book your hotel.

If you plan to go to a swingers resort, or perhaps a swingers festival, or a swingers cruise, sort out your destination,  and then it´s time to tell the SDC community about what you are up to.


How to make the most of your swinger travel plans with SDC


Stage 1 :

In SDC, go to the Explore section and choose the Travel Calendar section. You can post a travel plan & say where you are going, what dates you are there between, and write a short piece of text. This will be sent out to all members in that area (we don´t know how close, but it looks like all members within about 30 miles – so it´s a lot !)


Stage 2 :

Once your dates are in the system, you can look at your own travel plan and a green button appears that allows you to see who else is travelling there at the same time as you. (You can also do a normal search by location to see who lives there permanently).


Stage 3 :

Once your travel date is near (within 2 weeks of travelling), you can post a speed date which is looked at by quite a few people.


How to make the most of long-term swinger holidays

If your stay is for a long time ( on holiday we think a month or more is long-term ) , you might consider adding the destination as a second location to your profile. This will firstly inform all the locals that you are coming, but it will also let you receive notifications about all the visitors to that destination.  You can delete this once you leave.  As a members you can also then look at SDC to find ´swingers clubs near me´ in the parties section of that website.


Not an online swinger community member – yet ?

If you aren’t already a member of SDC, maybe it’s time to have a peek, and try it out.

The swinging blog

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Swinging jokes

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