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Hmmm – is that code for sex holidays ?

Let’s not beat about the bush… is it sex on holiday that you’re looking for ? Somewhere you can get the time and space to enjoy with your partner. Are you single, and love to relax and have some fun, in a sexy atmosphere, enjoying the company of like minded, non judgemental people.  Whether it’s sophisticated sensual times, or letting go with no holds barred. Anything goes in these places where you can be yourself –  and everyone will love you all the more for that !

Don’t forget !

Wherever you stay, even in a clothing optional place. you’ll need to pack some sexy dress-ups. If you’re like us, be prepared to leave half a case for women’s shoes at least 😉

Plan early and treat yourselves before you go, because we find that when we get there, either it’s hard to find the right shops, or they don’t have our taste, or size !

So get yourself in the mood on out sexy treats page, and check out our new in-depth review ( by the ladies on the team ) of the absolute best sexual stimulator on the market – the Womanizer Premium.  It’s discreet and luxurious, and delivers fast, multiple orgasms. Works for them in many ways, so read what the users, and the sex experts have to say. Start it early and get in the mood !

In a hurry to book now ? We’ll quickly link you to the top sexy hotels we know will satisfy !

Click on the links below to see the detail on our favourite hotels where you can be privately sexy in your bedroom,  then on to simply nudist hotels, then to a little naughtier to swinger hotels and hedonistic resorts. They’re all well situated for the perfect nudist holidays, or romantic getaways, or easy to access swingers beaches (swingers islands even !) 

Are sexy hotels with a jacuzzi in the room or balcony enough for now ?

We take our research seriously !  So bear with us while we catch up checking them all out.  Happy to say we’ve given our 5 star approval so far to the private jacuzzi suites at the  Venus Star in Maspalomas,  Gran Canaria. Remember though that this is a swingers only hotel. If you want a more conventional ‘fully clothed’ great hotel with a private Jacuzzi, closer to home in the UK perhaps, try these top 3.

1. The funnymoon suite at The Twelve in Galway with its in room jacuzzi, Ireland. 

2. The Bermondsey Square Hotel, London with its private rooftop jacuzzi overlooking the Tower of London.

3. The Stunningly luxurious indoor private jacuzzi at the Hotel cafe Royal in London ( in the Leading Hotels of the World) 

Is full blown hedonism holidays your calling right now?

We guess you’ll be thinking these top three !

1. The clothing optional resort Hedonism II in Jamaica

2. The swingers hotel Desire in Mexico. Or it’s more sophisticated sister hotel Pearl

3. The new, and doing so well Venus Star in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Just a little naughty – nudist holidays

Could be Lanzarote nudist beaches, the no textiles allowed village of Cap D’Agde, or the swingers island of Gran Canaria. Our favourites so far are

  1. Hotel Oz‘Inn, Cap d’Agde, France
  2. La Mirage, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, ( or Magnolias Natura which is also nearby but even though swingers stay there, you wouldn’t know because it is a naturist nudist resort, not a swinger hotel).
  3. Temptations all inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico, for naught adults only, with clothing optional spots and  sensual suites.

A swingers weekend away.

A city break to places with great clubs – Berlin, Belgium, Amsterdam or Rotterdam, or the romantic and sexy Paris. For all year round sun and fun, we’ll show you the best way to have a swinging escape in sunny Gran Canaria.

Let’s start in the Netherlands. You’ll be going for a reason, so if its for the fun4two (Rotterdam) or Fata Morgana (Amsterdam). or Paris, for the clubs La Chandelle, or Overside in Saint Germain.

Note: these 3 are not swingers hotels, you can just get to clubs from them.

  1. The Van Der Valk Hotel,  Rotterdam Nieuwerkerk
  2. The NH Capelle Rotterdam
  3. The sexy Seven Hotel, Paris


This one IS a swingers hotel !

4. The Venus Star, Sonnenland, Gran Canaria


Gran Canaria

Winter playground in the Canary Islands. Perfect temperatures all year – how does 24 degrees in November sound ?  By the way, the main area we will talk about is Maspalomas.  If you are looking for Playa del Ingles (PDI) swinging, this will be covered within the larger Maspalomas region too.


Gran Canaria Adult Hotels

There are several adult hotels on Gran Canaria – some are specifically catering for swingers and others are simply adult hotels where there are no kids around. Here is the post that tells you all of our recommendations for Gran Canaria adult hotels (and we have written an in-depth guide to the Venus Star swingers resort which is the leading swingers resort on the island)


Gran Canaria Swingers Bars

The swingers bars in Gran Canaria tend to be based in shopping centers – a very Canarian thing ! We have given you the main favourites and also a few other bars that are not swingers bars but are a great place to visit for a more sophisticated time. Our post is called, surprisingly, Gran Canaria Bars !


Swingers Clubs in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a real swinging hot spot in Europe and is full of swingers clubs. We have given you descriptions of all the main clubs in Playa del Ingles. You’ll find all nationalities in there – so whether you’re looking for someone that speaks your own language, or a local Gran Canaria swinger, we’ll tell you where to find them. Click on this link for the Swingers Clubs in Gran Canaria low down.


Swingers Beach in Gran Canaria

Maspalomas is well known by tourists for its stunning sand dunes, but it is also famous in the swinging community for what goes on in those dunes, and also the legendary Kiosk 4 on the Maspalomas beach – just round the corner from the Playa del Ingles beach. Read our blog post to find out all about the Swingers Beaches in Gran Canaria.


Cap d´Agde

Cap d´Agde is the only nudist town in the world.  It was created in the 1970´s as a haven for naturists who could walk around, go shopping, go to the bank, eat & drink, and do anything they wanted to… in the nude. It was aimed at families, and was predominately full of French people only. It features the glorious 1970´s concrete bunker school of design and nobody would call it a pretty place. Having said that,  for the 1970´s it was a very innovative and bold idea. To be strictly accurate, Cap d´Agde is a big, normal town with 10 different sections and only one of these areas is the naturist village (“village naturiste” in French… it´s not that hard to translate !). But for swingers and naturists, we call our special part of town Cap D´Agde – just be aware of this when you are looking for Cap d´Agde accommodation (make sure you are in the right part of town).

How to pronounce Cap D´Agde

say Cap – as in the kind you put on your head, and Dagd – like Dag, and add a final ´d´  (rhymes with jagged)

Who visits Cap D’Agde

The bulk of the visitors are still French, closely followed by the Germans, and then smaller numbers of assorted other Europeans (we will include the UK in this for the moment) – Italians, Spanish, Scandinavians, British, etc. If you can speak French or German it would certainly make life easier but there is still a good time to be had for people that only speak English – most people can manage a conversation in English to a certain extent and after that you will have to rely on other interesting ways to communicate.

Is it a Nudist or Swinger holiday town ?

Over the past 10 or 20 years, the nudists have been slowly joined by the swingers and the swingers are gradually taking over the complex ! Although nudists and swingers are outwardly similar (we are all usually naked), these are two very different groups of holidaymakers seeking two very different holidays. The naturists are often with their families and simply enjoy a traditional quiet camping holiday dressed in the way that nature intended. The swingers, on the other hand,  enjoy the beaches during the day but much of the main playtime comes in the evenings at some of the many bars and clubs in the village.

There are up to 40,000 people staying in Cap in summer, and there are thousands of swingers telling fibs to friends and relatives about their secret holiday destination. We plan to show you how to make your trip to the European swingers capital of Cap d´Agde a success.


What to wear at a nudist swingers resort !

Yes, we know it´s a nudist resort, but it´s a little more complicated than that. Nudism is actually obligatory once you pass through the entry gates into the Cap d´Agde ´village naturiste´. And it is certainly true that you will see everybody going about their daily business without wearing a stitch of clothing (it is necessary to carry something like a sarong or towel with you for when sitting in bars, restaurants, etc). But if it´s a little chilly, then people will start to put on clothes – it´s perfectly ok to wear clothes to keep warm, it´s just that the default state is to be naked unless something prevents it. In colder climes, you will often see a hat and a wooly jumper worn on top, but free feeling nudity still on the bottom half.  Whole families embrace the nudity and there are many naturist families wandering around at Cap.

In the evenings, the naturists tend to stay in the campsites or apartments, and the swingers emerge for the evening festivities. This is when clothes are certainly essential & boy do you see some phenomenal outfits. People love to dress up and you will see lingerie, leather, PVC, chains, neon club-wear, catsuits, etc. Head over to our treats page to get your ‘sexentials’ and some special evening wear – they won’t take up much room in the case !

Nothing would be considered too ´over the top´ and it is a real chance for people to express their sexuality and dress exactly how they want. If you don´t have all the gear already, the local shops do sell a lot but be aware the prices can be very high indeed ! We have put together a few items that may answer some of the basic questions of ´What to wear in Cap d´Agde ?´and ´What should I pack for Cap d´Agde ?´


Amsterdam and Rotterdam swingers clubs and hotels

Amsterdam is the sex capital of the world and the Netherlands contains 2 of the best swingers clubs in the world.

We have blogged about some of the best Dutch swingers clubs that we all know personally, and we encourage you to come over and have a wild weekend trying some of them out. It is quite feasible to go to Fun4Two in Rotterdam on a Friday night and then head up to Amsterdam for Fata Morgana on a Saturday night – Rotterdam & Amsterdam are only one hour apart by train. Sunday can be a chilled time or if you still have stamina then you can go to couples night at Sameplace on Sunday evening.

For the adult hotels in the Netherlands, there aren´t any specific swingers hotels so we have given you some of the more stylish and designer hotels that we love. In particular, a couple of hotels that are near to the swingers clubs and where the staff know exactly why you are there and where you are going dressed like that ! The Dutch are very cool & laid back when it comes to that sort of thing.


When the weather in Europe is at its worst ( except in Gran Canaria of course !), why not head to the gorgeous swingers resorts in Mexico. Experience all-inclusive South American luxury in two of the best adult resorts – Desire And Desire Pearl. Here is our post on swingers resorts in Mexico.

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