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Oz Inn roof terrace, Cap d´Agde

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Hotel Oz´Inn

This 5 star hotel is set towards the back of the Cap d´Agde complex, away from the seafront. Even so, it is still only about 10 minutes walk to the beach and 5 minutes walk to all of the bars and restaurants. It is one of the only modern hotels in the naturist village and the bedrooms are really luxurious including suites that have their own private balcony and Jacuzzi. There is a large roof terrace complete with double sun loungers, bar, pool and Jacuzzi and this is where most of the socialising goes on. At night, it becomes a party space with DJ.

Downstairs there is a large hammam spa, a cool playroom, and a small, well stocked bar, and restaurant. The reviews for the Oz´inn hotel are very variable – it seems to be a marmite sort of place ! If you like modern luxury and designer touches then this is the place for you – its price (high) means that most of the guests are cosmopolitan and sophisticated international swingers. It does sell itself as a swingers hotel so you can be pretty confident that all the other guests will be swingers and therefore any naughty activities are not going to cause offence.

The rooms are around 400 euros per night in summertime and this hotel works best in peak season when there are a lot of guests to help to create a buzzy atmosphere.

Résidence Hôtelière Natureva & Spa

This is another hotel (4 stars) set towards the back of the complex (it is mostly apartments near the seafront) & it is primarily a naturist hotel not a swingers hotel. This is really an aparthotel in that the rooms have a small kitchen so you can be self-contained (they even have dishwashers included). It is really the public areas that are the best part of the Natureva and, in particular it is the leisure facilities that excel. A large indoor pool, large fully equipped gym, sauna, jacuzzi and a professional spa ensure your total relaxation and well being. The back of the hotel looks out onto fields and despite being just 10 minutes walk from the beach, the location is really quiet and peaceful. The rooms are about 300 euros per night in summer.

Hotel Eve

The Hotel Eve is a 3 star hotel that is perfectly adequate and is a typical 3 star hotel. It has been around forever and had a much-needed renovation a few years ago. This naturist hotel  has 45 rooms and 3 suites, and also houses a spa & Jacuzzi. It´s best selling point is it´s staff who really go the extra mile to be helpful & make sure you are well looked after (not always the easiest thing to find in the South of France !).

They are not on , but their direct website link is here and please note that it is an  old school booking process which can be a bit laboroius – you send them the dates you are interested in & they will write back to say if it is available and off you go !  


The bulk of people stay in apartments in Cap d´Agde and these are in two main areas Heliopolis and Port Nature. Heliopolis is a huge circular structure that is 3 stories high and has about 100 apartments on each floor. Some apartments are still very basic and in their original state but many of them are now renovated and are gorgeous luxury apartments complete with modern kitchens, designer furniture and air conditioning. Heliopolis is right next to the beach and it is relatively quiet part of the complex (although you will have apartments above you, below you, left of you, and right of you… so it does depend slightly on your neighbours).

The second main area for apartments is Port Nature which is right in the middle of the main bar and restaurant area. If you want to be in the middle of the action then this is the area for you but don´t expect to sleep too early! The apartments are mostly a little smaller in this area but since your days are mostly spent on the beach and your nights are spent out partying then residential square footage may not be that important.

There are a couple of big French companies that rent out a lot of these apartments (AGN is one of them) but they do not show availability so, again,  you have to write and they will let you know availability. Thankfully most of the renovated properties are now on so you can easily see what is available for your dates. Peak season is basically July and August and almost everywhere is full six to nine months ahead of this summer peak so is a much easier way to find out what is left!

We have created a link on for you so that you can see all the availability in the naturist village and this contains both hotels AND apartments.

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Current deals available on

We have just put in a 4 day booking as an example. Click on the hotel to see the deals for your dates.

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