Greece to Turkey 2024

Imagine 609 hot couples on one ship

All of them looking to have fun

Realise your dreams

Join a lifestyle cruise with your sexy partner

Erotic themed parties every night

7 parties in 7 nights

Your swingers cruise is waiting for you

What are you waiting for?

Greece to Turkey 2024

Imagine 609 hot couples on one ship

All of them looking to have fun

Realise your dreams

Join a lifestyle cruise with your sexy partner

Erotic themed parties every night

7 parties in 7 nights

Your swingers cruise is waiting for you

What are you waiting for?

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Oceana Marina

Greece to Turkey

21 Sep 2024 – 28 Sep 2024

The Desire Greece-Turkey Cruise marks the first-ever Desire itinerary on the luxurious Oceania Marina ship. This elegant floating sanctuary showcases a high level of sophistication and intricate design, highlighting the finest in European craftsmanship.

Departing from Athens, Greece, a city rich in mythology and history, the cruise will take you to Bozcaada, Istanbul, and Kuşadası (Ephesus) in Turkey, before heading to Mykonos and Santorini in Greece, and finally returning to Athens.

The ship’s staterooms and suites are designed to captivate with elegance, featuring a blend of radiance, decadence, and comfort reminiscent of a chic Parisian apartment. Completely refurbished in 2022, the spacious staterooms include designer accessories to enhance their sophisticated ambience.

For activities and amenities, the ship provides designated clothing-optional areas, an exotic, sensual playroom, stimulating daytime activities, and themed pool parties. Couples can also enjoy workshops, theme nights, provocative shows, performances, and international DJs.

The cruise is known for offering the finest cuisine at sea, with 7 fine dining restaurants, 2 casual venues, and 5 bars. The Prestige beverage package and 24-hour room service are also included.

This cruise promises a unique and sophisticated experience, encouraging couples to indulge in a new level of enjoyment and sensuality.

What´s Included ?

All this and more

1. Drinks

Premium drinks including Champagne, wines, cocktails, spirits, liqueurs, beers, soft drinks, teas & coffees, waters, and more.

2. Food

Seven restaurants including fine dining, Asian, Italian, American, Surf & Turf, International, and French. Also a juice bar, and a coffee shop.

3. Room service

24-hour room service is available in your cabin or stateroom. Just check out the menu and order your favourites.

4. Pool Party

Tropical Chic fun with a pineapple pool party. Dress up with as much or as little as you feel like & enjoy the pineapple cocktails in the sun by the pool.

5. Sexy workshops

Participate in loads of erotic workshops. Topics include shibari (rope bondage), full-body orgasm, pole dancing, and courses with sex therapists.

6. WiFi

Complimentary wireless internet is available, even when the ship is on the high seas in the middle of nowhere! Only one device per room though.

7. Theme nights

7 theme nights let your imagination run wild. Themes include “Mischievous Disney”, & “Greek Paradise” & the parties can get wild. See all the themes here.

8. Playroom

A hot playroom is created in one of the big ballrooms on the ship. Lots of beds draped with sheer fabrics and subdued lighting create an erotic mood for willing couples.

9. Sport / Leisure

Variety is available out on the ocean. A fitness centre, sports field, 18-hole golf, and a jogging track are all available to keep you fit & healthy despite all the great food and late nights.

10. Concierge

The concierge team are dedicated to helping you with any queries, making bookings, and generally smoothing out any tiny wrinkles in your holiday that might occur.


7 days of sightseeing


The ferry departure port is Piraeus (10km from Athens and departure is at 18:00.) Taxis are about 30 euros from Athens town centre, and 60 euros from the airport.

Things to do before you board:

  • Climb the Acropolis: With your partner, hike up the majestic Acropolis. Take in the Parthenon, the beautiful temples, and the sweeping view of Athens laid out before you.
  • City Highlights Tour: Don’t miss the new and old Olympic stadiums.
  • Cape Sounion: Visit the Temple of Poseidon perched above the sea.
  • Ancient Corinth: Explore the narrow Corinth Canal cut through solid rock.

Things to do:

  • Explore Bozcaada: This breezy Aegean island is a gem, known for its stunning beaches and top-notch Turkish wines. The island blends Greek and Turkish vibes, with whitewashed buildings and occasional minarets.
  • Shop for Souvenirs: Pick up unique items from local artisans, like delicious tomato marmalade.
  • Visit the Castle: The 15th-century castle by the harbor is one of the best-preserved in Turkey. From its ramparts, gaze out over the sea and imagine Achilles arriving here during the Trojan War.

Things to do:

  • Topkapi Palace: Marvel at the beauty and history of this iconic palace.
  • Hagia Sophia: Be mesmerized by the grandeur of this historic site.
  • Blue Mosque: Admire the stunning architecture of this impressive mosque.
  • Bosphorus Cruise: See the city from the water for a different perspective.
  • Museums and Markets: Explore a museum or stroll through the spice market and Grand Bazaar.


Things to do:

  • Repeat Day 3: With so much to see, continue your exploration of this magnificent city that spans two continents.
  • Onboard Party: Remember, Sept. 24 is a half sea day with an onboard party. Join us for some fun as we head to our next fabulous destination!

Bird Island

Things to do:

  • Ancient Ephesus: Wander through the ruins and marvel at the Library of Celsus, the amphitheater, marble roads, mosaic sidewalks, and the rarely opened Terrace Houses.
  • Three Cities Tour: Visit Priene, Miletus, and Didyma, famous for their majestic temples and well-preserved stadiums.

The Island of the Winds

Things to do:

  • Explore Mykonos Town: Wander the narrow, winding streets lined with whitewashed houses, flowers, and brightly painted shutters and doors.
  • Windmills: Stand beneath the iconic windmills on the hill.
  • Archaeological Museum: Discover the island’s ancient history.
  • Old Bakery: Visit a bakery still using a 15th-century wood-burning stove.


The Wine Island

Things to do:

  • Oia and Fira: Visit these beautiful whitewashed hilltop towns with breathtaking views of the caldera.
  • Fira’s Museum: See stunning artifacts, including finds from the Akrotiri excavation, believed by many to be the legendary Atlantis.
  • Winery Tour: Sample some of Santorini’s famous wines.
  • Scenic Stroll: Wander through winding streets with fantastic views around every corner.

The City of the Violet Crown

Things to do:

  • Archaeological Walk: Head to Vasilissis Amalias Street and explore the heart of ancient Athens. Visit landmarks like the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Ancient Agora, Arch of Hadrian, and the Acropolis.
  • Central Market: Enjoy traditional Greek delicacies.
  • Neighborhood Tavernas: Check out the fantastic tavernas in neighborhoods like Pangrati, Exarhia, and Petralona.


Places are going fast!


When in Rome… etc


Yes, we know there are daytime activities provided on all cruises. But on the Desire cruises, they have a more “interesting” selection of workshops – how about taking your partner and learning about full-body orgasms! Another workshop is on Shibari – the beautiful rope work that is created during ornate BDSM sessions. 

They have expert sex therapists on board who are there to educate and entertain, and a whole variety of topics are on offer for curious couples.

There are also dance classes, including belly dancing, pole dancing, bachata, and kizomba. On the top deck is an artists loft (€) where you can be taught to draw and paint, and in the kitchens there is a cooking course (€) where you can learn to make pasta, seafood dishes, or French cuisine.

Pool Parties

The pineapple pool party is bound to be one of the more outrageous events on the cruise. They have resident & guest DJ’s providing the music, the bar staff are mixing the best cocktails, the guests are dressed (or not!) in their favourite pineapple-themed clothing, and the Desire playmakers are whipping the crowd into a party frenzy. What’s not to love about a day like that!


The main playroom is created in one of the ballrooms of the ship (what an appropriate room name!). They have created an erotic & sensual space with beds draped in sheer fabrics, rich & dark lighting, and sexy music. 

If swinging is new to you, this is a room where you can push your boundaries – you can simply play as a couple on your own in a sexy environment, or you can explore others and see where it takes you.

Do remember that you can also use your cabin as the ultimate playroom. Many people mention that a pineapple can be put on your cabin door to signify whether you are welcoming guests to come and say hello!

Evening Entertainment

Every evening, after dinner, there is entertainment provided by the crew. High-quality performers from around the world are on the ship to deliver sexy, erotic, and sensual performances. Regular cruisers say that you should get there early because all the seats can go, and it’s definitely not a thing to be missed.

After the show has revved you up, there is a themed party every night (see here) where you can carry on the sexy party yourselves until the early hours.

Meeting People

One of the best pieces of advice is that it is great to get in touch with other guests before you get onboard. It’s so much easier to meet people if you have chatted with them before you arrive. One of the main websites where people are discussing travel plans & chatting is SDC and we have a free 3-day FULL membership for you to see if it would work for you.

Desire Video

Theme nights

7 nights… of “sightseeing”

red lace background


Dress Code : Captains and Sailors. Think crisp white shirts, navy blazers, sailor hats and secuctive sailor outfits


red lace background


Dress code : Disney characters with a naughty twist. From provocative princesses to naughty villains.

Naked woman lying down - black and white image

Night 3 : 80's EXTRAVAGANZA

Dress code : Totally 80’s. Think bold neon colours and shoulder pads, leg warmers, and parachute pants.

Woman with tied hands - bondage


Dress code : Lingerie and masquerade masks. Dress to impress in your most exquisite lingerie, and adorn yourself with a mask to be seduced.

Young couple hugging


Dress code : neon glow. Think neon colours, glow sticks, and anything that shines bright under the neon glow

Couple in lingerie sitting on each other


Dress code : formal attire with a provocative twist. Enjoy an atmosphere of refinement mixed with desire.

red lace background


Dress code : Greek goddesses and gods. Think white garments and golden accessories in the sensual ambience on the Mediterranean.

Days to go !








The Ship


The Oceana Riviera is 239 m long, 32 m wide, and travels at 20 knots. It was renovated in 2022 to a luxury level. 776 international staff and crew look after 1238 privileged passengers. There are 11 guest decks, and 8 different categories of accommodation onboard.

24hr room service

629 cabins across 8 classes

7 restaurants

5 bars and lounges

Pool and hot tubs

Naked areas onboard

Sexy playrooms

Erotic entertainment

Sexy workshops

Fitness centre

Running track

Aquamarsm Spa (€)

Artists loft

Teaching kitchen (€)

Casino (€)

Medical service (€)

Guided excursions ashore (€)


Favourite questions

1. Which areas onboard are clothing-optional ?

The pool deck and sun deck are clothing-optional (and also the playroom, obviously!). Guests must be clothed as they approach ports, due to local laws.

2. Who is allowed in the playroom?

Only couples are allowed in the playroom to maintain the unique atmosphere

3. Is sex allowed in the public areas?

Sex is only permitted in the Playroom. It is not allowed in any other public area.

4. What is included in the cruise price?
  • Selected cabin category
  • Seven fine dining and two casual venues
  • Room service
  • Prestige Beverage Package
  • Wi-Fi for one device per stateroom
  • Port fees, taxes, gratuities, and security fees
  • All workshops, seminars, pool parties, and theme night events
  • Playroom access
5. Is smoking allowed onboard?

Smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking area.

6. Can I bring my own alcohol?

Guests cannot bring their own alcohol on board. Purchased alcohol in ports will be stored and delivered on the last day.

7. What if I have a dietary restriction?

The ship can accommodate most dietary needs. Submit requests to reservations ( at least 80 days before sailing and confirm with the restaurant manager on boarding day.

8. Do I need to reserve tables at restaurants?

Reservations are needed for Polo Grill, Toscana, Jacques, Red Ginger, La Reserve, and Privé – these can be made online before boarding. No reservations are required for other venues.

9. What is the dress code in the dining rooms?

Good taste and common sense are the key. They encourage resort or country club casual outfits while on board. For evening dining, elegant casual resort wear is suggested. They request that casual jeans, shorts, t-shirts, baseball caps, or tennis shoes not be worn in the restaurants after 6:00 p.m.

11. Is there assigned seating in the restaurants?

10. No, seating is not assigned. Guests can sit where they would like.

12. Is photography allowed on board?

Here is what they say “Due to the nature of this cruise, and the fact that our guests’ privacy is of utmost importance to us, there is no photography allowed in clothing-optional areas, including, but not limited to, cameras, cellphones, video cameras, tablets, etc. We will have official staff that will be taking pictures of onboard events, the experience, and the ambience; however, no guest will be photographed unless the guests give written permission.”

13. How can I book?

You can book by clicking here. Many cabins are booked very early so you need to get on with it if you want to enjoy this amazing experience!

The lifestyle cruise of a lifetime

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