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The Comeback Bar in the Cita Center

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Black Bulldog Bar

No website, but Facebook page is here

Upper floor, Shopping Center Cita


The Black Bulldog Bar is a stylish international swingers bar in the Cita Center. It is only small but it packs a lot into a small space. It is run by the excellent Sasha and his team who will be very well known to the German visitors to this site. They are great hosts & they are focussed totally on clients having a good time. The team always dress very sexily and it adds a real touch of glamour to the bar.

The space is very small – maybe 12 or 14 tables so it gets crowded but it creates a fun atmosphere. A lot of money has been spent on the interior design, the glassware, the premium drinks, etc – it all helps to make it feel high-class.

The clients are mostly German but BBB has developed a following from the British and other non-Germans that are looking for a classy, sophisticated, & sexy bar where you can dress-up. They seem to be affiliated to the German swingers site Joy Club (you see the logo around the bar), but there are many SDC members there as well.


Comeback Bar

Upper floor, Shopping Center Cita Tel: +34 655 49 39 16


Open from about 8.30pm every night but only gets busy from 10pm onwards.

One of the main swinger bars in Playa del Ingles. The comeback bar is somewhat of an institution in Gran Canaria and has recently undergone a refurbishment that has added to its popularity. It is owned by the same people (Richard & Angel) that own the Fun4all swingers club downstairs in the same building, and the guy running the bar is called Maurice.

Comeback bar clients tend to be mainly British (but also many Dutch, Germans, Scandinavians, Italians, Spanish, and more) and are predominantly members of the SDC website (Click for your Free 3 day trial PLUS our insider guide) or Fabswingers. The usual range of beers, wines, spirits, and surprisingly good cocktails are available, but it is the easy ability to strike up conversations with other swingers that makes this swingers bar really work well.

Typically 60-100 people per night go there for a drink & it is used as a place to go before heading downstairs to one of the clubs (Fun4All and Secrets are both downstairs in the Cita Center). There is also the Black Bulldog Bar just 50 metres away, the other main swingers bar in the Cita Center – so you can see both and decide which one is for you.

The Comeback bar also have a page now ( to arrange meetings at the bar – looks like quite an active forum.

Mach Bar

Upper Floor, Cita Center. Tel: +34 928 50 74 90


This is on the upper floor of the Cita Center and is really a conventional German beer bar (complete with German crooners knocking out the famous German songs… well they are famous to the Germans who are drinking there because they all join in !). It has signs up saying that they are affiliated to the Joyclub website (the main German swingers website) so they are certainly swinger friendly, but don´t assume that everybody there is a swinger.

Mario’s , Red Hot Reenie’s, Before Bar

Upper Floor, Cita Center. 

 Three swingers bars, all in the Cita Center.

Mario’s is down on the ground floor, near the Spar supermarket and you can see a small video of it here. It opened in 2023 and so far is fairly quiet.

Red Hot Reenie´s is a small bar between the Comeback Bar and the Black Bulldog bar. One thing we were told, and we LOVE it, is that the bar staff actually make the effort to introduce couples to each other. This is such a good idea.

The Before Bar may, or may not, still be there. Rumours were that it was closing in May 2024 when the lease ran out, but we shall see. The location has been through several variations of swingers bars so maybe it will re-open as a new bar. It is / was near the Comeback bar on the first floor of the Cita.


Atelier Cocktail Bar

Av. Estados Unidos, 28, Tel: +34928 56 34 00


This is not a swingers bar, but deserves a mention if you are looking for somewhere more stylish, luxurious, and sexy to go to for a drink in the evening. A little-known fact is that sophisticated swingers have been using this bar for a long time to meet up with other swingers looking for a classy place to spend a few hours. We hasten to add that they meet by appointment, it´s not a known place to hook up with anyone so don’t go asking!  Up on the 8th floor of a luxury hotel, the bar has an incredible range of cocktails (backed up with expert mixologists to produce whatever drinks you desire) served in a laid back, cool & moody lounge environment.

A great place for sunset views, live music some nights, weekends has a chilled DJ, guest events, etc – a cocktail bar that really knows its stuff. Not cheap – as you would expect – pay around 10 to 12 euros for a cocktail but as a treat it is well worth it. The hotel is about 5 minutes walk from the Cita Center (Black Bulldog Bar, Comeback Bar, Fun4all Club , Secrets Club, Tantra), and just 2 minutes from the Sandia Center (2×2 club).

The main swingers bars only get busy after 10pm so the Atelier makes an ideal place to go to first – it is busier between about 7 and 10 pm.

Beach Kiosk 6 (was Kiosk 4)

Maspalomas beach

See the post on swingers beaches – click here.

(We know it’s Kiosk No.7 – the gay Kiosk, but there were no photos we could find online of No. 6!)

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The bars in the Cita & Sandia are a great place to mingle and strike up a chat – especially if you have already chatted online
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