Gran Canaria Beaches

The main swingers beach – Maspalomas

View of Maspalomas Beach Dunes – from the RIU Palace hotel to the point

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Maspalomas Beach Swingers.


The beaches (and the dunes behind the beaches) are in important part of the life of a swinger in Gran Canaria. Stretching all the way from Playa del Ingles in the east all the way to Maspaolmas in the west, you can walk this beach along the sea front to see how it works. It’s about 3 miles long and takes about an hour and 15 minutes from Playa del Ingles seafront cafes to the pier at the Faro lighthouse of Maspalomas. Swinging life in Gran Canaria tends to revolve around the beach & dunes during the day, and the bars & clubs in the evening.


Kiosk 4 Maspalomas Beach (New kiosk is NO. 6 !)

The beach areas are defined by the snack kiosks dotted along it, and these are used to identify the different segments of the beach. From Maspalomas ( at the Faro (which means ‘lighthouse’ ) end, there is a family beach which has kiosks numbers 1 and 3 . This number sequence is a bit patchy the whole way along the beach. Number 2 by the way disappeared as the beach changed shape with the elements a long time ago ! So, after number 3, you will find a naturist beach area.

The signs say FKK,  meaning ‘naturist’ in German. About 300 metres further along is the famous kiosk 4 which is both a naturist and swinger kiosk. As of 2020 they have finally delivered the new kiosks – they were sitting in the Gran Canaria airport storage facility for the past 5 years while some sort of payment dispute was raging! For some reason, old kiosk 4 now has been replaced with a much more modern kiosk with a big number 6 on the front of it.


Sun-bed costs

There are about 100 sun-beds here that are hired by the day. It costs about 12 euros for 2 sun beds and an umbrella, and you can hire them separately if you prefer. If you want to get a particular sunbed, say at the front, you need to get down early ! It’s been known for some to race down at 9am and bag their sunbed before breakfast ! Thankfully most people aren’t bothered.

You can also simply put your own towels, or little wind breaks or tents, or your own umbrellas down on the beach and sit next to the sun bed areas. You will also find little groups dotted around. It’s quite a social area.

It also used to be assumed that naturists stayed on one side and swingers on the other, but that is no longer the case. it does look like the swingers are taking over !

The beds assistants leave at about 5pm, and they start tidying up the empty beds a bit at about 16:45. After they have left, you can usually sit on the beds for free !

Kiosk 4 (6 !)

The kiosk itself bangs out Spanish club type music, which makes a great atmosphere. So sit up near there if you want the background music. It serves a limited range of beers, wine, spirits, crisps, sandwiches, and ice creams.  In the late afternoon, many people choose to hang around the kiosk because it is a good place to strike up a conversation with other couples. The kiosk opens bout 10am and closes about 6pm but it is Spain, and it can vary for many reasons from the weather to the number of customers available for them.


Single men

Single men are of course dotted around, and it’s easy to attract their attention if that is what you are into. Otherwise head into the dunes ( see below). If you don’t want their attention just choose your place more carefully and signal to them to go away if you are getting attention you don’t want. It isn’t at all predatory, unlike how Cap D’Agde can be, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Beach sellers

Quite often you will see an ice-cream and cold drinks seller that wanders through the whole beach from one end to the other, so at some point you can catch him if you would like something the Kiosk doesn’t sell ( like Magnums !) You will see many Chinese ladies and guys also offering reasonably priced massages, just graciously say no thank-you and they will gently go away. More recently there are some beach mat sellers appearing too. Not many and they have some nice cotton patterned mats, but just ignore them if you aren’t interested. If you show any interest, they start negotiating. You can easily get these things in the shops on the Playa del Ingles seafront too.

Kiosk 7 Maspalomas Beach, and on toward Playa del Ingles

Next along the beach (about 500 metres more) is Kiosk 7, which is the gay section of the beach. It’s probably the busiest beach, and even has toilets !  After that, in the direction of PDI,  is a huge expanse of not very much as you reach the corner. This corner , or point, is about mid way between Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles – it´s just thin beach and massive dunes behind. By the way, these dunes are just big expanses of sand and not much grassy or hidden areas. So these dunes are not the ones used by the gays and swingers for private activities.  Around the corner heading to Playa del Ingles are a couple more kiosks (the numbers start to go down again toward number 1 ) . Soon you see and another FKK (naturist area) and then it returns to a large family beach again at Playa del Ingles.


What is it like on the swingers beach ?

Gorgeous of course ! The sand is soft and golden and at kiosk 4, it’s just a short hop and a skip to jump in the sea too. The water is very clear and depending on the waves, the lifeguards, whose tower is situated just before kiosk 3 , will put different flags up along the beach.  Be aware that Gran Canaria is a windy island and whilst that is generally gorgeous and provides a lovely coastal breeze, it can also mean that the beach is too windy to use. If there is a red flag they patrol the beach also in little jeeps and are keen to make sure you don’t go in – for good reason.

Check the weather forecast before you head down to the beach because once the wind is above about 20mph, the sand is flying and it is not pleasant to sit there (even if the beach attendants do their best with windbreaks, etc). There’s a great app the locals use, called “Windy” so download it to check the weather first. Don’t be put off too much though – the beach crowd head into the dunes on a windy day so you will find great secluded areas with large groups of swingers gathered and a party atmosphere.


Who goes there ?

From the sound of it –   a lot of German, Dutch and English ( that includes english speaking countries like Ireland and, less often America/ Canada). Also many Norwegian, Swedish,  Italian, and more and more the French are also coming. You will find more Spanish at the weekends.

This beach covers naturists, and swinging couples and singles. It has become a sign that swingers are nice and neatly shaved all over, naturists are more ‘natural’ and not shaved. It’s not a general rule, but it helps to know. Of course, shaving or waxing is so normal for everyone now , even for non-swingers, so assuming someone is a swinger if they are shaved is no longer a rule that you can live by !

Meeting beach swingers


There are lots of little groups, for people who already have friends on holiday at the same time, or who have messaged in advance on the community websites like SDC (Free trial and our Insiders Guide) to meet up there. The clubs and bars are used as meeting points in the evenings, and the beach is the main meeting point in the day time.

The advantage of an international community like SDC (3 day Free trial and our Insiders Guide) is that you get to see who will be there in advance, and it´s nice to actually recognise people from their photos. Makes you feel involved and like you belong, from the moment you arrive.

Is there any action on the swingers beach in Maspalomas ? 

Actually, just a tantalising little bit. But that is out of respect to the others on the beach, especially the nudist / naturists only. People tend to use it as a meeting place, but as the day goes on and the after-lunch booze kicks in and you are established in your groups – or even as a couple – people get a little more tactile. Once someone starts a little something, it’s amazing how it brings smiles and turns everyone else on. The done thing is to arrange a meet-up for later, or head into the dunes if you can’t wait !

silhouette of red girl on a line

Maspalomas Dunes Swingers


From the beach, look back and also see the incredible mountain backdrop. Enough to turn anyone into a free flowing spirit !

Just behind the beaches of Maspalomas though are the infamous dunes. Some of these look absolutely stunning and the view,  like the one in the picture above, from the Riu Palace hotel in Playa del Ingles makes it look like the Sahara desert ! The dunes behind Maspalomas beach (i.e. behind Kiosk 1 to 4) are used mostly by swingers and by gay men. 

There are lots of palm tree and scrubland areas for shady comfort. Many couples head into the dunes to find other couples or to find single men or to the many hidden little areas where you can either find privacy as a couple, or, alternatively, find an area where you can be watched !

Exhibitionism is popular here and there is no shortage of single men that spend their entire holiday tramping through the dunes all day looking for action (whether they are just watching or whether they are invited to play by a couple).

The dunes are also used by a lot of couples on the windy days because they are nicely sheltered from the beach ´sandstorms´.

Find what suits you , and relax and enjoy. It’s an adult world, and mature and open. As always in the swinging world, if somebody is bothering you then a simple but firm no is usually enough to make them move on.


meet couples on the Gran Canaria beach and in the dunes


See which couples will be in Gran Canaria at the same time as you – say hello online


Let people know when you are coming, and which beach area you will be sitting in


Start chatting to people before you even arrive


Fulfil your dreams on the beach and in the dunes !

” The beach offers a chance to strike up an easy conversation and maybe make arrangements to meet later. The dunes are for those that can´t wait! “
Marc & Anna

How can you do this ?

The best swingers community is called SDC and it will help you make your visits to the Gran Canaria beach and dunes something to remember forever.

Use our 3 day free trial + our insiders guide and we´ll show you how.

The famous Kiosk 4 (now 6 !) and the infamous Maspalomas Dunes are full of sexy couples enjoying the sun, sea, and sex and we will help you to join their beach party !

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