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Swinging clubs in Gran Canaria – Fun4all

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This current global pandemic is affecting all of us, and the swinging community must also behave responsibly and do all we can to stop this virus as soon as possible. This includes NO physical meetings with other swingers (obviously !).

You can still use this website to plan what you are going to do, where you are going to do it, and who you are going to do it with... WHEN the restrictions are lifted. And you can still use SDC and Fab for video chats, you can improve and update your profile & pictures, and you can also use this time to start conversations with other members so you can meet them in the future.

This is the time to stay at home and enjoy your partner, strengthen your bond with them even more, and enjoy your toys ! Once we are on the other side of this, there will be a lot of horny people ready to party & release some of that tension !

Stay healthy everybody, stay safe, and let´s all give a big thank you to all those brave people that are doing their best to protect us all.

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There are 2 main swingers clubs (Secret & Fun4all), and  and 3 swingers bars in the Cita Centre in Playa del Ingles.

Two of the bars (Comeback Bar and Imagine Bar) are on the upper floor, and another bar (Patricias Swing Inn) and both of the clubs are in the basement. The basement of the Cita is certainly not one of the prettiest places on the island but then you are not in the Cita Centre at midnight to enjoy the quality of the interior design !

The two clubs in the Cita (Fun4all and Secrets) are two of the most popular clubs with the SDC (Free 20 day trial PLUS our insider guide) members (as is the Comeback Bar upstairs). The Fabswingers members tend to go to the Imagine bar upstairs, and moonlight dreams club / 2×2. Remember that you can always use SDC´s travel feature to see who will be in Gran Canaria at the same time as you and arrange to meet them in one of the GC clubs.

The shopping centre is busy with vanilla people up until about 9pm but after that you can be a bit more daring with what you wear because nobody will be too bothered.

Fun4all swingers club

fun4all swingers club in Gran Canaria

Once you are in the Fun4all club for swingers , you are given a wristband to keep a track on your drinks orders for the night & if you are a first time visitor, they will happily give you a tour around (in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, and probably a few other languages). The club is owned by the same owners as the Comeback Bar upstairs and all the staff  in the club are Dutch. The place is spotlessly clean – a big plus for many swingers ! The club is basically one long bar, a small dance area with a couple of poles, several large seating areas, 3 playrooms, a BDSM room, and a separate smoking area.

Fun4all tends to have a more laid back vibe than the other swingers clubs in the area – the emphasis in on having a more sophisticated and sensual flirty time with other couples, and not on simply meeting people for sex. Most couples will meet at a bar upstairs and head down to Fun4all around midnight. Music tends to be mostly 80´s and 90´s but the swinging crowd are happy with it and there is plenty of dancing. Drinks prices are reasonable for a club and there is a minimum spend of about 20 euros per couple.

Web :  (don´t worry, the page takes ages to appear !)
Location : Basement, Shopping Centre Cita, Avenida. Alemania Playa del Inglés Maspalomas, 35100 Gran Canaria. (Taxis : tell them to go to the Cita Centre and drop you off by the Leaning Tower of Pisa entrance, straight ahead down the stairs and it is on your right)
Tel : +34 655 49 39 16

Secret swingers club

Secret swingers club in Gran Canaria

Next door to Fun4all is the Secret swinger club. This is a much bigger club – in fact Secret is huge ! Once you are in (there is a guy on reception at the entrance), there is a double sided bar where most people tend to gather. Lots of seating areas (including a couple of VIP areas), and a long bar tend to be the focus of the ´front´ area of the club. The music is mostly Spanish (Reggaeton, etc) and is current (many clubs are still playing 80´s & 90´s music) & so there are a lot of people dancing to it – helped by the presence of a very enthusiastic in-house dancer who can keep going all night !

The second part of the club is the ´back´ area where there are two sections. The club has undergone an extensive refurbishment in Summer 2019 & it feels much better organised. The focus of the club has moved away from single guys and is now aimed more at couples.  In the past, there was a small area for couples only (and even this area constantly used to attract stray single men!), and the main part of Secrets was for mixed (which actually meany single men prowling everywhere).

Go straight ahead at the end of the bar and you enter the couples only area. There is a member of staff stationed at the entrance to keep out the single guys (and we have seen him turn them away, which is great).To your left is a big area with three lockable bedrooms and a long play bed. Straight ahead is another big long bed (maybe 10metres long), and a caged bed. To the right of this area is another room with a  big jacuzzi and shower area, and also a BDSM room. At the end of the main room is another set of rooms for couples.

Behind the bar is the entrance to the mixed area i.e single men & couples with another set of playrooms, glory holes, etc.

The place is huge – about 500m2.

Secrets is much more of a club that people go to for physical action – Fun4all tends to be for flirting and dancing and then some. Since November 2019 they have changed the pricing. Now there is a desk at the entrance where you buy a ticket for either 20 euros (entrance + 2 drinks) or for 30 euros (entrance + 4 drinks). Any extra drinks that you have inside are charged for at the normal bar prices and kept on a tab so you can pay for them at the end.

Try both clubs and see which suits you best.

Web :
Location : Basement, Shopping Centre Cita, Avenida. Alemania Playa del Inglés Maspalomas, 35100 Gran Canaria. (Taxis : tell them to go to the Cita Centre and drop you off by the Leaning Tower of Pisa entrance, straight ahead down the stairs and it is on your right)
Tel : +34 686 06 02 92

(Afrodita Swinger Club, Full Swap Swingers Club, Babylon, etc)

There are quite a few ´swingers clubs´ in the basement of the Cita Centre that are not frequented by real swingers at all. They mostly have single men coming in & there seem to be a ready supply of single women waiting for them inside – we will let you draw your own conclusions from this !

silhouette of red girl on a line

Sandia Centre

2×2 swingers club

2x2 swingers club in Gran Canaria

The 2×2 club for swingers is in another shopping centre – it´s a very Canarian thing that all the clubs are in slightly old & tired shopping centres. This one is called the Sandia Centre (Sandia is Spanish for watermelon… your free fact of the day !). It has a very loyal following amongst people that know exactly what they want – people go there to have a drink and then immediately head into the playrooms for a very active and physical night of action.

They have nude nights (everybody must immediately be nude once in through the door), gigolo nights, topless nights, massage nights, etc. They even have a Ford Fiesta in one of the play areas so that you can enjoy a little dogging !! Don´t expect too much sophistication but it’s a great, down to earth place that will either be right up your street or you won´t take to it at all. Drinks are cheap and the average age of the clients tends to be higher. It is a club that is popular with the Fabswingers members.

Web : 
Location : Basement, Shopping Centre Sandia, Avenida. Alemania Playa del Inglés Maspalomas, 35100 Gran Canaria. (Taxis : tell them to go to the Sandia Centre and walk through to the back of the centre , the club is down in the basement)
Tel : +34 666 64 68 80

silhouette of red girl on a line

Nilo Centre


This is the third ´naughty´ shopping centre in Playa del Ingles / Maspalomas and it is called the Nilo Centre and is a short cab ride away from the other 2 centres.

Moonlight Dream swingers club

Moonlight Dream swingers club in Gran Canaria

The Moonight Dream swinger club is only a couple of years old and has the standard format of a bar and performance area at the front, and behind are the playrooms. The playrooms are mostly set in small cabins (like pretend ´houses´) that are big enough for 4 people. You walk along a path and the houses (we shouldn´t call then sheds !) are dotted around. There is also a BDSM area.

Certain nights are themed nights (e.g. nude night, erotic disco night) & a couple of them  have cute names… The Charming Man night… and The Night Of The Bad Girl !

It is kept scrupulously clean and the owners are very much present and involved in ensuring the guests are happy. The clients tend to be quite a mixture of European nationalities.

Web :
Location : Shopping Centre Nilo, Avenidade Moya 10, Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria
Tel : +34 646 44 71 34

Eternity swingers club

Eternity swingers club in Gran Canaria

Eternity swingers club is next door to Moonlight Dream but steps take you down so it is actually directly underneath it. Eternity is 100% a Spanish swingers club. It plays Reggaeton dance music (the whole world must know the 2018 Spanish summer hit Despacito by now) and Salsa, and a lot of the people there are Spanish locals. However, a small number of non-Spaniards go there and have a really great time. The Spanish know how to do a sexy party… just be prepared for it to start late (1am / 2am is a good time to think about it starting to get lively). Saturday night is the big night for this club and it is for couples only on this night. Entry is 20 euros per couple.

Web : (in Spanish only)
Location : Shopping Centre Nilo, Avenidade Moya 10, Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria
Tel : +34 658 12 91 32

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