Best Clubs for Swingers in the Netherlands

Fun4two, Fata Morgana, and many others 

Entrance to the Fun4two swingers club 

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The Netherlands swingers club scene

There are many swingers clubs in the Netherlands but we have concentrated on those in the Amsterdam area and also the legendary Fun4two swingers club in Rotterdam – these two cities are where most tourists will visit when looking for a swinging weekend away.

Don’t forget to check if it’s a theme night so that you have packed the right sexy clothes and toys.

We have a post on Netherlands hotels that can suggest good places to stay near to the clubs, even if most of them are not strictly swingers hotels. Also we have details on many other places to go for a swinging holiday on our main travel page which covers Gran Canria, Cap d´Agde and Mexico.

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Fata Morgana swingers club

Fata Morgana swingers club in Amsterdam

Fata Morgana parenclub (´parenclub´ isDutch for swingers club…. and ´Fata Morgana´ is a mirage – like in the desert !) is about 30 minutes outside of Amsterdam but it is the main Amsterdam swingers club in the area. (The other big club is Fun4Two down in Rotterdam, about an  hour away).

The club is open Friday nights, Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoon / evening, but it is the Saturday night that is by far the busiest evening at Fata Morgana. It is a club for couples only which makes it a much more comfortable experience for couples that are new to the scene and the couples are predominantly Dutch with the remaining people from  around Europe. Age range is between about 40 and 60, but on Saturday nights there are more younger couples present.

The club is big and has many areas. The main area is the bar & dancefloor but on the same floor there is also a huge smoking room (seats about 50 people!), a restaurant, a large Jacuzzi & sauna, and about 10 playrooms (including massage room, BDSM room, and several bedrooms). Upstairs are about 6 playrooms including a darkroom, a big bed room, and various other small rooms. On Saturday nights there is also another floor open that is a large big bed room. The club had a renovation recently and is nicely decorated, suitably dark & sexy, and has a very relaxed clientele.

It’s well designed and you can hang around the bar or dance floor tables to make it easier to chat to other couples. There is also a serve yourself bar area incase you prefer to help yourself and get on down to the action instead!

In summer, a lot of people come for the Sunday afternoon session where you can sit on big beds outside, by the small swimming pool, and sunbathe – the atmosphere is like a beach club and towards the end of the afternoon couples wander inside to continue their playtime.

There is a self-service restaurant (very typical in European clubs) that has a big grill (steaks, chicken, pork, etc) and loads of salads, soups, etc – it´s never going to get a Michelin star but the food is good, the hostess friendly, & the restaurant is a good place to meet other couples for a chat.

It costs between 110 and 125 euros per couple to get in but this  includes all your food, and drinks, and as much dancing & fun as you can manage in about 7 hours ! So it does represent very good value. No need to join beforehand or to bring ID, but on busy nights it is probably better to book online so that you are definitely booked in.

Web : 
Location : Rijksweg 15, 1398PN, Muiden, Netherlands (Taxis : UBER cost is about 35 euros from the middle of Amsterdam. The club also has some taxis waiting at the end of the evening to do the return journey.)
Tel : +31 650 49 52 44

Sameplace swingers club

Sameplace swingers club in Amsterdam

Sameplace is part bar & part club. It is in Amsterdam and sells itself as a place to meet that is also female friendly and welcomes people of all sexual orientations. There are some specific nights for certain people e.g. gay men night, bi sexual night, couples only night (Sundays), etc so do check the website before visiting to ensure it´s a night that you are interested in.

It’s a small place – on the ground floor is a small bar, a smoking cabin, and a couple of beds. And downstairs there are a few beds, and a small darkroom. This place is certainly not up for design awards but it is… how shall we say… functional.

It feels like a local bar where you can just turn up & chat with other guests and there is no pressure at all to take it any further than that. The horseshoe shaped bar is set up to make it easy to chat to your neighbours or even across the other side of the bar.

Reviews are definitely mixed about Sameplace – quite a few people have said that if the guy is on the door then you get a bit of a gruff welcome, but when the lady is on the door it’s a lovely welcome. Anyway, you are not here for the doorman / woman but it is always nice to receive a hospitable welcome !

The clientele are completely mixed – from young to old, sophisticated to rough & ready, beginners to very experienced – so you just have to take pot luck and see who is in that night. There is a minimum drink consumption, but it´s only about 15 euros so it´s not too much of an obstacle and the closeness to central Amsterdam is very handy. The club has afternoon sessions, then closes at about 8pm and re-opens at 10pm (website times are not necessarily correct) and Sameplace only takes CASH, not credit cards.

Web :
Location : Nassaukade 120, 1052 EC Amsterdam, Netherlands(Taxis : it is near the center of Amsterdam – you can even walk from the center, but a taxi is easier)
Tel : +31 20 475 19 81

Club Showboat swingers club

Club Showboat swingers club in Amsterdam

This is a club on an actual boat ! It has all the usual elements of a club with bar, lounge area, restaurant, bdsm room, etc. There is a huge variety of different themed nights here including bi, fetish, BDSM, gangbang, swingers, etc. Single men are allowed in. The location is about 30 minutes outside  Amsterdam so sort out your travel arrangements early !

Web :
Location : Lagedijk 328, 1544 NL Zaandijk, Netherlands
Tel : +31 756222348

Club Paradise swingers club

Club Paradise swingers club in Amsterdam

 Open from Thursday to Sunday and entrance is 50 euros for couples (includes food and drinks up to 50 euros i.e. you pay for drinks once you exceed 50 euros). Their slogan is “the best swingers club in Amsterdam” which is probably true given that they are the ONLY swingers club in Amsterdam! It is certainly not pretty from the outside (an ugly building in an industrial estate) and it is across the river from the main part of town.

The inside is much nicer and there is a large bar & lounge area with a couple of poles if you are feeling adventurous. Elsewhere there are many private rooms and also a swimming pool, steambath and sauna.

Single men are allowed in every evening and if this is not what you are looking for then many people have said that they can be very intrusive.

Web :
Location : Schaafstraat 26 A, 1021 KE Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel : +31 20 637 3416

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Fun4two swingers club

Fun4two swingers club in Netherlands

Ahhh what can we say about the legend that is Fun4Two !! Most people feel that Fun4two is the best swingers club in Europe and there are plenty of people who travel from the UK (and other countries) to the Netherlands for the weekend just to go to Fun4Two (or Fata Morgana its main competitor). It is open Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon / evening. The clientele are very much international from all over Europe and probably the foreigners outnumber the Dutch. Friday night is a very varied crowd, whereas Saturday night is much younger and more ´dancy´ & less action. Sunday is definitely more chilled – a slightly older crowd and chilled music with no dancing. Saturday night is certainly the busiest, closely followed by Friday night, and Sunday afternoon is much quieter. The three nights do feel very different & you can mix and match them to create your perfect weekend !

The club is about 20 minutes east of Rotterdam (and about an hour south of Amsterdam) and is in the middle of nowhere much. There are a couple of hotels very nearby and these even have special packages for Fun4Two guests. See our post on Netherlands hotels.

On arrival, you will need to bring ID for your first visit and you will get a membership card and membership number that you can use for your next booking. Booking is necessary and is done through the website – the club is often full and you cannot just turn up on the door.

The changing rooms are upstairs, and you then come down to the ground floor of the main building. This is where the bar is and the dancefloor and the restaurant and is the main hub of  the club. The bar has some of the fastest serving & hardest working bar girls we have ever seen. The DJ plays current music – definitely more house / dance music than cheesy 80´s oldies ! the restaurant is self-service and has a grill for steaks, chicken, pork, etc and a wide variety of salads and side dishes.

The entry price (around 125 euros per couple) includes all your drinks, food, and fun.

The layout of Fun4Two is very complex because it has grown & expanded bit by bit over the years. In the main building, the floor above the bar & dancefloor has 2 main areas. One is set out like a small town and it has themed rooms like a police station, dentist, bakers, etc – it´s actually quite cute. The other side has normal playrooms and there are maybe 15 rooms in a variety of themes & styles. Finally on that floor you reach the changing rooms.

Above this area is a huge loft area which has a ceiling height of only about 1 metre so to pass through it you need to crawl between all the bodies – this is the perfect place to have an anonymous hook up with your neighbours.

From this middle floor, there is a bridge / walkway into another building (you don´t go outside… it´s all internal !). Over here is a big Jacuzzi and sauna, and then you pass through finally to a large tantric area which is very quiet and has many separate areas with soft beds and massage music. The quietness & calmness with just the sounds of arousal make it a very sensual area.

Around 10.30pm keep an ear out for ´the song´ – they play the famous get undressed song and it´s your clue to head up to the changing rooms and slip into something a little more comfortable. You can´t miss the song – the lyrics repeat ´get your clothes off´ about 100 times !

Web :
Location : Middelweg 18, 2841 LA Moordrecht, Netherlands
Tel : +31 182 378 724

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