what to wear in the bedroom

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What to wear in the bedroom is as much for you as it is for your partner. If you feel good in what you are wearing, that inner confidence that radiates from every inch of your body will make your sexiness shoot off the scale. Of course it’s important to consider what he likes – maybe it´s simply wearing one of his shirts, or dressing simply, or tarty, etc. But primarily, you need to feel good as well – when you feel good, all is good.

1. Bra and knickers

The bedroom staple, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Refresh the wardrobe, and keep some for special times.Lingerie can be luxury, or simple and sweet, or exotic.The vital starting point is to know the correct size for your body – so many women are wearing the wrong sized bras. As a treat to yourself, just make the time to go & get measured at a reputable shop e.g. Rigby & Peller. Just like shoe sizes and dress sizes, the size measurements are only a guide so, once you are measured, try on a few brands so that you know what the correct size is in each brand. Start to learn which brands fits your body and that will help to narrow down the choices.


 2. Babydoll or teddy

If you are feeling a little self-conscious, or like a little more cover up, look at a teddy or a baby doll. Silky and simple styles mean that you can look sensual and alluring in seconds.


3. Stockings

A classic look that almost every man adores. Glamorous and old school sexy – they make you feel like a film star and a full on woman. There is a huge choice nowadays but is no need to spend crazy amounts of money because there is a real tendency to tear them – often while putting them on for the first time !!

Classic black is the staple look at brands like Gabriella and Shirley of Hollywood. Don’t rule out patterns either… fishnet, lacy, patterns, stripes, etc – Leg Avenue have a wide range. Also look at stockings with crystals, and ribbons, etc to add some variety.

One word of warning – we advise you to go for the classic stockings and suspenders look, not hold-ups. Hold-ups have a habit of slowly descending down your legs as the evening progresses, and your evening will be then focused on discreetly hitching them up all night. Suspenders can be simple and discreet, or the full works (just bear in mind that it might take a degree in lock picking to remove some of the more complex designs !)


4. Corset


Who needs to breathe anyway?? Nowadays there are courses designed without the steel / whale boning which made them so uncomfortable in the past. Modern plastic boned corsets provide a far more comfortable experience but still provide that amazing slimmer waist and full breasted look that drives men wild. Choosing what to wear in the bedroom is important, but finding the correct fit is vital to achieve the looks that you need, But that doesn’t mean you have to head to the shops – you can still buy a selection online and keep the ones that work best for your body shape. Online companies such as Katys Boutique have a good returns policy and once you know brands and sizes that work for you, online ordering is easy. You can then try these on in the comfort of your own bedroom.



5. Pyjamas

PICTURE     Never underestimate the sexiness of dressing down in something as simple as PJ’s. Not the grey, worn out regular ones you wear in the bedroom every night…those are rarely sexy ! Practical & functional, but not sexy. But silky pyjamas such as these from Figleaf, or fresh neutral cotton pyjamas, signal a comfortable &  confident attitude that can still look cute and sexy.



6. Shoes

Who says you shouldn’t wear shoes in the bedroom?? Even if you only wear them as you go from the lounge up to the bedroom, the shoes complete the look. Especially with corsets and lingerie, the shoes can be as sexy as possible – Kurt Geiger  and and Jimmy Choo specialise in the sort of shoes that will work wonders on your partner



7. Bedroom make-up

A general rule here is that less is more. If the aim of evening is to get your partner in the mood and in the bed, your lipstick will soon end up all over your face and all over the pillows. And your heavy smoky eye make-up can easily look like a panda as the heat and excitement build. So opt for a matte foundation to avoid sweaty looks a natural face make-up.




What to wear in the bedroom is about both of you so you need to find a look that he will love, but also a look that makes you feel great. If you can discover that confident you, then the outfit is simply a gorgeous addition to the confident woman – the clothes are only the supporting act (especially true in the case of the corset ! )

If your man has no clue about what you like but he wants to buy something for you, then there are three main choices…

  1. He buys a terrible red tarty bra and pants, in the wrong size, because the model in the poster looks hot… No.
  2. He buys the lingerie voucher (Lingerie.co.uk, Rigby & Peller) and you can choose something that he will love (that fits!)… Yes.
  3. You both set aside time for a naughty shopping trip. Start with a romantic lunch at a little Italian restaurant with a lovely bottle of Chianti, and then head to the lingerie department and have a sexy and sensual trying-on session to see what you both love. Then go home and put on the new present for real… HELL YES !



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